Students educated in Finnish or Swedish

For students educated in Finnish or Swedish language studies are designed to be completed as part of the Bachelor of Science (Technology) or another Bachelor’s degree. Students who have not completed the required language studies before starting to pursue the master’s degrees specified above must complete them either as elective studies or in addition to the studies required for the degree. In such cases, the language requirements are as follows:

Master of Science (Architecture)/(Landscape Architecture)

  • 9 credits: 3 cr in written and oral communication, 3 cr in the second national language of Finland and 3 cr in one foreign language.

Courses fulfilling language requirements for Master of Arts (Art and Design), Master of Science (Architecture) and Master of Science (Landscape Architecture)




Written and Oral Communication                                                                           


Courses LC-7108 Write Competently and LC-0450 Speak Competently for students educated in Finnish. Course LC-5000 Kommunicera som expert for students educated in Swedish.


Write Competently


LC-0450Speak Competently1


Kommunicera som expert


Second national language of Finland



Writing and Talking about Art in Swedish



Foundations of Writing and Talking about Art (Swedish)



National Language Requirement (Swedish) Writing Test)



National Language Requirement (Swedish) Oral Test



National Language Requirement (Finnish) Writing Test



National Language Requirement (Finnish), Oral Test


Foreign language: English


To fulfil the foreign language requirement (3 cr for the field of technology), students must demonstrate both oral and written skills (marked o+w) in a single language of their choice by taking courses at the CEFR level of B1–B2.

Students of architecture or landscape architecture may choose from courses intended for the students of technology (coded ‘LC’) or courses intended for the students of arts (coded ‘LCA’). As the LCA courses are designed to fulfil the more extensive language requirements of the field of arts, students of technology must ensure that the courses chosen fulfil both the oral and written language requirements of their degree.

In addition to English, the required foreign language studies may be completed in any of the following languages: Spanish, Chinese, French, German or Russian.


Communicating Technology (o+w)


LC-1121 Communicating Sustainable Solutions (o+w)3

Academic Communication for MSc Students (o+w)

LC-1320Thesis Writing for Engineers (MSc) (w)3
LC-1110Online Writing Skills for Engineers 1 (w)1
LC-1111Online Writing Skills for Engineers 2  (w)1
LC-1112Online Presentation Skills for Engineers (o)2
LC-1120Online Persuasive Presentations for Engineers (o)1
LC-1113Autonomous Language Learning Path (o+w)3


Students educated in other languages than Finnish or Swedish

For students who have been educated in a language other than Finnish or Swedish or who have been educated abroad, the language requirements are:

  • Master of Science (Architecture/Landscape Architecture):  3 cr

Students in this category may fulfil the language requirement for their Master of Science (Architecture) or Master of Science (Landscape Architecture) degree by completing courses that support their studies or their stay in Finland. Students who have been educated abroad are recommended to take Finnish courses as well as English courses that focus on the field-specific language of technology and fulfil the language requirement of the degree.  Students may also choose to fulfil the language requirement by completing courses in another foreign language of their choice; all courses counted towards the requirement must be taken in the same language. Language studies may either be counted towards the electives of the degree or completed in addition to the studies required for the degree.