Aalto University is harmonising the graduation dates of bachelor’s and master’s degree students as of 31 December 2019. In the future, graduation will be possible every month of the year in all Aalto schools, giving you the opportunity to make full use of the academic year. As part of this reform, we will also harmonise other practices to promote the equal treatment of all students. Please note that the first graduation date following the new harmonised schedule will be as soon as 31 December 2019.

From a student viewpoint, the most notable change is that all credits must be entered into Oodi before you can submit a degree certificate request. An exception to this are theses in technology and business, which must be submitted for evaluation when submitting the degree certificate request at the latest. If you are a student of technology, please check the thesis processing schedule from the Into site of your school. Students in the fields of art and technology may submit their request for a bachelor’s degree certificate only when they have completed all of the studies included in their degree and submitted their thesis and maturity essay for examination.

The deadline for submitting the degree certificate request is the official date of graduation, which will be printed on the degree certificate. It is also the submission deadline for the thesis and the maturity essay, except within the field of arts and design.

For detailed instructions and schedules, see the Into pages for your programme.