Basic information of the minor

Code: BIZM3120

Extent: 24 ECTS

Language: English

Teacher in charge: Joan Lofgren

Application procedure: Continuous application, own application procedure, see Minor in International Business

Quotas and restrictions: Mandatory attendance apart from certain exceptions

Content and structure of the minor

Minor in International Business is offered at the Aalto University School of Business Mikkeli Campus. Minor in International Business prepares students to meet the demands of business in the global marketplace and advanced studies. Offering the minor entirely in English, the curriculum facilitates individual and collaborative learning in a multicultural context, while ensuring basic literacy in the field of international business. Upon completion of the minor, students will have the following competences - they will be able to:

  • understand the key theories and concepts of international business and link them to their major fields of study and expertise;
  • analyse the political, legal, economic, and cultural environment of international companies and other organizations;
  • work effectively in international business, for example: recognizing international business opportunities, managing internationalization and international market development, and dealing with diverse cultural contexts; and
  • engage in an international learning community by developing presentation, communication and teamwork skills.

Minor in International Business consists of

  • one basic course (6 ECTS) in the field of business (completed in Helsinki or Mikkeli)
  • three elective courses (18 ECTS) offered by the International Business programme (completed in Mikkeli)

More information on the minor in International Business, application procedure and structure of studies is available at Minor in International Business