Basic information

Code: SCI3076

Extent: 20–25 cr

Language: English

Professor in charge: Antti Hannukainen

Administrative contact: Anna Lampivuo

Target group: All MSc students with sufficient prerequisite knowledge

Application procedure: Open to all students of Aalto University

Quotas and restrictions: No quotas

Prerequisites: BSc minor in Mathematics or equivalent knowledge. Please check the course prerequisites before signing up.


This minor is designed for students willing to develop their general mathematical thinking and problem solving skills, and to learn mathematical and statistical methods that can be applied in science, technology, arts, and business.


Select 20–25 credits including 15–25 credits of MS-E***** courses and 0–5 credits of MS-C**** courses. Other courses can be included with the consent of the professor in charge. Suitable courses are listed below.

General mathematics




Crystal flowers in halls of mirrors: Mathematics meets art and architecture



Algebra and discrete mathematics   

MS-C1081Abstract algebra5III
MS-E1050Graph theory5I
MS-E1051Combinatorial network analysis5II (2021-2022)
MS-E1110Number theory5II
MS-E1111Galois theory5IV (2020-2021)
MS-E1142Computational algebraic geometry5

III (2020-2021), V (2021-2022)

MS-E1200 Lie groups and Lie algebras IV (2021-2022)
MS-C1350Partial differential equations5I–II
MS-E1280Measure and integral5II
MS-E1281Real analysis5IV (2021-2022)
MS-E1461Hilbert spaces5I
MS-E1462Banach spaces5II (2020-2021)
MS-E1531Differential geometry5III (2021-2022)
Computational mathematics 
MS-C1342Linear algebra5V
MS-E1142 Computational algebraic geometry  III (2020-2021), V (2021-2022)
MS-E1150Matrix theory5II (2020-2021)
MS-E1651 Numerical matrix computations I
MS-E1652Computational methods for differential equations 5II
MS-E1653Finite element method III–IV 
MS-E1654Computational inverse problemsIV 
MS-E2121 Linear optimization III-IV
MS-E2122 Nonlinear optimization I–II 
Probability and statistics
MS-C2111Stochastic processes5II
MS-E1600Probability theory5III
MS-E1603Random graphs and network statistics5I
MS-E1621Algebraic statistics5I–II (2020-2021)
MS-E2112Multivariate statistical analysis5III–IV