Register now for Helsinki Challenge Pitch Nights 22 & 23 Feb

Come to pitch nights to hear the semifinalist teams, 8 from Aalto, pitch their solutions for reaching the UN’s sustainable development goals.

Register now for the Helsinki Challenge Pitch Nights to meet the 20 inspiring semifinalist teams and hear their solutions on how science can help us reach the UN set goals.

Aalto University is presented by eight teams. Come and give them your support!

Venue: University of Helsinki, main building, Great Hall, Aleksanterinkatu 5, Helsinki
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If you cannot come to the event, you can follow the pitch nights via Helsinki Challenge's YouTube channel.

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Helsinki Challenge is a science-based idea competition and one of Aalto University's Finland 100 projects. The competition themes are people in change, sustainable planet and urban future, challenge the teams to create solutions for global problems, which affect all of our lives.

The competition is organised by University of Helsinki, Aalto University, Hanken School of Economics, University of Eastern Finland, University of Jyväskylä, University of Oulu, University of the Arts Helsinki, University of Turku, University of Vaasa and Åbo Akademi University.

Tapahtumat - Evenemang - Events

  1. 2017
    1. 01-2017 Tammikuu, Januari, January
    2. 02-2017 Helmikuu, Februari, February
      1. 7-10.2.2017 Ääni-elektroniikka työpajan näyttely / Exhibition on sound devices
      2. Aalto Shop -popup 28.2.2017 Otaniemi
      3. Aalto University Shop -popup 9.2.2017 Otaniemi
      4. Exhibition: TRUMP L’OEIL
      5. Register now for Helsinki Challenge Pitch Nights 22 & 23 Feb
      6. Research Ethics Course for Doctoral Students 24.2.-27.3.2017
      7. Virtual Reality Pop-up Testing with HTC Vive
      8. VR pop-up-testausta HTC Vive -laitteistolla
    3. 03-2017 Maaliskuu, Mars, March
    4. 04-2017 Huhtikuu, April, April
    5. 05-2017 Toukokuu, Maj, May
    6. 06-2017 Kesäkuu, Juni, June
    7. 07-2017 Heinäkuu, Juli, July
    8. 08-2017 Elokuu, Augusti, August
    9. 09-2017 Syyskuu, September
    10. 10-2017 Lokakuu, Oktober, October
    11. 11-2017 Marraskuu, November
    12. 12-2017 Joulukuu, December
    13. 1.3. SCI Oppimispalveluiden tuparit / SCI Learning Services housewarming party at 12-14 - Welcome students!
  2. 2016
  3. Julkiset tapahtumat - Offentliga evenemang - Public Events
  4. Väitökset - Disputationer - Dissertations
  5. Kuinka lisään tapahtuman? - How Do I Post an Event?
  6. Tenured Professors’ Installation Lectures – Uudet professorit luennoivat 15.3.2017
  7. Great Business in Great Britain in Aalto Start-Up Center 7.3.2017
  8. Design for Government course in Design Museum's exhibition Enter and Encounter 24.3.–22.10.2017