Become a Sustainability Game Changer!

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Welcome to a new 5 credit Aalto-wide online course! The course deals with sustainable development and runs in the 5th period (10.4.-26.5.2017). The course is organized mainly online but has three face-to-face sessions. Course is targeted for bachelor-level students but master-level students are also welcome. Course is organized in English.


Sustainability should be the starting point of all our actions. Sustainability challenges are huge: global average temperatures are rising, environment is polluted, biodiversity is threatened, there is inequality and societal turmoils. Sustainability Game Changers is a course that discusses solutions to these problems, and enables you to become a change agent in sustainability by offering knowledge and tools. Solutions of sustainability can be found from all Aalto Schools. We will also learn how to use video as a method in communicating solutions for sustainability.


Become a Sustainability Game Changer! Register by 31 March in Oodi. Course code is SPT-EV. MyCourses: