Survey on Aalto's communication channels – Share your thoughts and take part in a draw

A project aiming to create a digital extension of our campus has begun at Aalto University. The goal is that Aalto’s web presence offers a world-class user experience where finding information, performing tasks and finding people and spaces for collaboration as well as showcasing the results of this collaboration are as easy as can be. Communications is looking to enhance the reach of messages shared within or about our Aalto community.

We hope you find the time to answer a quick survey on how you use Aalto’s communication channels. By participating in our survey you share valuable information on how we can improve our communications in the future. Our goal is that users get relevant information to the channels they prefer to use.

Fill in your email and you can win an iPad 32GB WiFi tablet.


The survey is open for answers until 12AM on Tue 12 December.
Thank you for your input!

Best regards,
Elina Kuuluvainen
Content Strategist, Aalto University Communications
+358 50 598 135