Code: BIZ5092

Extent: 24 credits

Language: English

Responsible professors: Alexei Gloukhovtsev

Administrative contact: Planning Officer Tatiana Penttinen

Target group: BIZ MSc students and MSc students at schools of technology

Application procedure: Degree students at Aalto School of Business and at schools of technology do not need to separately apply for a study right for the minor.

Upon the completion of the Minor in Digital Marketing & Analytics, the student will be able to:

  • Understand how current trends in digital technology can influence the choice of marketing strategy
  • Make strategic decisions about how to leverage digital marketing channels to meet desired marketing outcomes
  • Be able to apply analytical tools to evaluate the performance of marketing actions and generate actionable insights for marketing strategy
  • Understand the implications of all of the above for consumer privacy

Structure of studies 24 cr

Choose 12-18 cr from the following courses:

Choose the rest from the following courses:

One of elective courses can be also BSc or MSc level Marketing Reading Package *:

*)  Reading Package has to meet the requirements of the Minor and must be approved by teacher in charge. Please contact Tatiana Penttinen in this case. Reading Packages MARK-C0001 and MARK-E0001 replace Reading Packages 23C01000 and 23E01000, which were offered earlier. For the academic year 2021-22, the course code of the reading package has been changed as follows: MARK-C/E000101, MARK-C/E000102, MARK-C/E000103, MARK-C/E000104 and MARK-C/E000105 (the last number indicates the period during which the reading package is completed).