• Do you recognize that self critical thoughts are hindering your writing process?
  • Are you stuck? Do you have difficulties in starting?

Sometimes we are too critical or demanding towards ourselves. Sometimes the critique from others can be stagnating.

Our self-critical thougths are there to help us but unfortunately they can be too perfectionistic. Learning self-compassion can help us to overcome the blocks and to be more productive.

The workhop is based on mindfulness based practices with the content of self-compassion.

The workshop consists of 5 sessions, and is targeted especially for students working on their master's or doctoral thesis.

Language of the workshop is English.

Workshop leaders: psychologists Merita Petäjä and Minna Nevala.

Workshop is held via Zoom and MyCourses.

Zoom link will be updated here: https://mycourses.aalto.fi/course/view.php?id=26856&section=1


Wednesday 22.4. at 9:00-11:00

Wednesday 29.4. at 9:00-11:00

Wednesday 6.5. at 9:00-11:00

Wednesday 13.5. at 9:00-11:00

Wednesday 20.5. at 9:00-11:00

Registration (by April 15th 2020) and more information: by e-mail opintopsykologi@aalto.fi