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 Orientation week

Newly admitted MSc students

The orientation week for new students is organized during week 36 in 2020 (31 August - 4 September 2020). In autumn 2020 the orientation week if organised fully online. In the School of Electrical Engineering the orientation programme for new master’s students starts on Tuesday 1 September. More information and a detailed schedule will be updated in August. The orientation week will provide you with all the relevant information regarding the studies and study environment at Aalto University and in the School of Electrical Engineering. All new students are expected to participate the orientation week. As of 1 August 2020 (after the activation of your Aalto user account), you can access the self-study preorientation material. Students are recommended to go through the preorientation materials and exercises before the orientation week.

 Recommendations for revision of previous studies

To make your start in your programme as smooth as possible, you may consider refreshing some topics from your previous studies. Take a look at the recommendations of the programmes in the School of Electrical Engineering here:

Advanced Energy Solutions - Sustainable Energy Systems and Markets

  • If your BSc degree is from other field than electrical engineering, a good source to go through is:

Mohamed A. El-Sharkawi, Electric Energy, An Introduction, 3rd Edition, CRC Press,ISBN 978-1-4665-0303-8

Automation and Electrical Engineering - Control, Robotics and Autonomous Systems

  • Basics of engineering mathematics, e.g. integral transforms and probability theory
  • Basics of linear systems and control theory
  • Programming in e.g. Matlab, Python and/or C/C++

Automation and Electrical Engineering - Electrical Power and Energy Engineering

  • Basics of engineering mathematics, e.g. integral transforms and Fourier analysis
  • Basic of electric circuit theory
  • Basics of linear systems and control theory
  • Basic programming with Matlab

Automation and Electrical Engineering - Electronic and Digital Systems

  • Engineering mathematics, calculus and probability in particular
  • Basic programming with Matlab and/or Python, probably also C or C++

Computer, Communication and Information Sciences - Acoustics and Audio Technology

  • Brush up you Matlab skills. Matlab is used in many courses and basic signal processing operations and plotting the figures are needed to do the home assignments.

Computer, Communication and Information Sciences - Communications Engineering

  • Basics of Signals and Systems
  • Programming in C/C++ (C-courses are available in Aalto as well, no need to study beforehand if no previous knowledge exists)
  • Knowledge of Python is recommended but not necessary

Electronics and Nanotechnology - Microwave Engineering

  • Circuit analysis
  • Electromagnetic field theory

Electronics and Nanotechnology - Micro- and nanoelectronic circuit design

  • Electronics
  • Circuit analysis

Electronics and Nanotechnology - Space Science and Technology, depending on your planned focus area within the major

  • Circuit analysis
  • Electromagnetic fields
  • Electronics
  • Physics

Electronics and Nanotechnology - Photonics and Nanotechnology

  • Physics
  • Basic mathematics

Orientation week 2020 (ELEC)

Time are Finnish time (GMT +3)

Links to sessios have been sent by e-mail, also available in the Aalto preorientation here.
Materials from the session are available in the preorientation page.

Mon 31 AugComplete the Aalto Preorientation online, if you haven’t yet. Access to the preorientation material requires activation of the Aalto user account.
Tue 1 Sep

9:00-10:30 Getting started!

Deans’ welcome

Studying in Aalto, part 1 – Basics of studies and degree requirements

Chat session for your questions

10:45-12:00 Programme Welcome sessions

Programme Director’s welcome

Presentation of the programmes and majors

Online meet and greet with programme staff and students

For Advanced Energy Solutions programme times are the following:
10:30-11:15 Joint programme welcome session
11:15-12:00 Major-specific welcome session

12:15-13:00 Student Guilds in ELEC

What are student clubs ie. guilds all about?

13:00-15:00 Aalto Day One - opening ceremony

Aalto opening ceremony and warm-up party online.

Detailed programme in the above link.

Wed 2 Sep

9:00-10:15 Studying in Aalto, part 2 – course practices

How do courses work in Aalto? What to expect from courses? What is expected from students?

Chat session for your questions

10:30-12:00 Course registration and study plan clinic

Register to courses, draft your study plan, familiarize yourself with online tools. Staff is present to answer your questions.

13:00-14:00 Info for students with AMK/University of applied of sciences -degree

Have you completed your degree in ammattikorkeakoulu/university of applied sciences in Finland? In this session we will go through some recommendations regarding prerequisite knowledge and courses.

14:00-15:00 Info for Aalto scholarship students

Have you been awarded an Aalto scholarship for your studies. In this session we will go through the most relevant terms and conditions regarding the scholarship.

Thu 3 Sep

9:00-11:00 Orientation to student services and wellbeing

  • Remote studying and self-leadership
  • Introduction of Aalto services
  • Introduction of Language Center
  • Professor Philosopher Esa Saarinen's Inspiration lecture

Detailed programme in the above link

At your convenience:

Network with confidence

A prerecorded lecture on networking skills.

Teekkari-life (teekkari = technical student)

A video presenting some traditions of being a technical student in Finland!

Fri 4 Sep

9:00-11:00, 12:00-15:00 Student services online

For any further questions, contact your planning officer in Teams for a personal meeting (to enable screen sharing).

12:00-12:15 Student Union AYY online

Quick info on AYY, time for your questions.

Wrap up Friday -sessions (see detailed time in preorientation MyCourses)

In the sessions you can ask further questions or just be online to meet or at least hear others and get to know each other!

Students continuing their studies after BSc degree in Aalto

The master's degree programme has been planned as a 2-year programme starting in Autumn. The model schedules and course timetables have been designed based on this 2-year plan. However, if you start your MSc studies during Spring term, it is recommended to first complete the degree elective courses or minor studies.

You are also welcome to participate at the programme welcome session during the orientation week.

 All students

The course Academic Skills in Master’s Studies (ELEC-E0110) will support the starting of your MSc studies and will also support you in the different stages during the first year of your MSc studies. The course will

  • enhance your academic capabilities for successful studies
  • provide you with tools for creating a meaningful and motivational study plan
  • prepare you for the master’s thesis process

On this course you will also be nominated the academic advisor (=mentor) for you master’s studies.

 Retake examinations

Retake exams are organised in Maarintie 8 in lecture halls AS1, AS2 and TU2 on following Mondays at 16.30-19.30:

Autumn 2017Spring 2018




Retake exams 15.1.2018




 Processing times

Applications are submitted to the study office of the School of Electrical Engineering. Some applications are submitted via electronic application system. The links for applications below.

MatterMaximum processing time (starting when the application and appendices and possible further clarifications are submitted)Please note

Readmission after neglecting the enrollment for the university

one (1) week

Admitting an extension to the right to study if the study time is already ended

two (2) weeks
Renouncing the right to studyone (1) week
HOPS eg. personal study planthree (3) weeks

Credit transfer

three (3) weeks

Graduation (Master's degree)

two (2) weeksSee the timetable for graduation on the page Graduation (link below)
Approving the topic of the thesisthree (3) weeks

See the timetable for degree programme committees on the page Graduation (link below)

Approving the thesisthree (3) weeks

See the timetable for degree programme committees on the page Graduation (link below)

Approving practical trainingfour (4) weeks
Admission to non-degree and JOO-studiesfour (4) weeks

Commend the JOO studies in home university

three (3) weeks

Please note, that the target university may have a designated application time, even though Aalto processes outgoing students' applications continuously

Admitting an extension to the right to study if the student has study time left

eight (8) weeks

Applications are processed together in November-December and in April-May for those students whose study time is ending by the end of the current semester.

 Applications and forms

Applications are submitted to the study office of the School of Electrical Engineering. Some applications are submitted via electronic application system.

Forms, instructions and links to electronic systems

Make sure that your applications have the accurate appendices and that possible copies are authenticated. Remember to always sign the paper application.

 Master's thesis & graduation dates

You can find Master's thesis and graduation dates under Graduation.