Bachelor’s Programme and specialization studies in Business Technology

Studies in the Bachelor’s Programme in Business Technology will provide you with an overall view of different business functions and their interdependence, good analytical skills, a strong theoretical background and the ability to apply theories in business problems.

Bachelor’s Programme in Business Technology include courses in       

  • Information Systems Science
  • Logistics
  • Management Science
  • Technology Management and Policy
  • Quantitative Methods

You will learn about the key issues in management technology and ways of developing information systems and associated business processes and services. You will also learn to develop, analyze and implement logistic systems as well as innovation processes and new product commercialization.

Graduates will be able to use managerial tools (such as quantitative models and information technology) in planning and problem solving, and be familiar with issues and methods regarding development of business and information networks, as well as with concepts for sourcing, production, and distribution of goods and services.

Typical Jobs

The bachelor’s programme in Business Technology prepares graduates to work in diverse expert-level assignments as management consultants or independent entrepreneurs with assignments in the fields of financial management, information technology, logistics, marketing, or supply chain management.


Degree Structure


BT courses in 2017-2018


 Suggested schedule

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