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Aalto psychologist services are available during summer 2020

You can meet psychologists remotely also during the summer time. However, please note that most of the psychologist aren’t working on July, so there might be a delay for answering e-mails, and furthermore, waiting time for getting an appointment is expected to be longer than usual. Our workshops are on a break during summer.

For support and help outside Aalto, please see:

You can contact a study psychologist for example when you are looking for help with time management, you procrastinate, you are lacking motivation, you are looking for a study method that suits you or you are experiencing study related stress, anxiety or burnout.

A career counselling psychologist specializes in career management issues and supports you in career and life planning and transition to work. Career counselling supports you in self-knowledge, building a meaningful career, identifying opportunities and making decisions.

The study and career counselling psychology service is available to all Aalto University undergraduate and postgraduate degree students.

Advice line for psychologists: +358 29 44 20080 (weekdays 9-15), CLOSED FOR WEEK 28 (6-10.7.2020)

Appointments for study psychologist (remote) guidance:

Appointments for (remote) guidance of a career counselling psychologist:

Starting Point of Wellbeing

Read more about Starting Point of Wellbeing -services.

Courses and workshops for your wellbeing and improving your study skills

You can find more information about courses and workshops for students lead by Aalto Psychologists via this link.

Booking an individual appointment with Aalto psychologist

The Psychology Service at Aalto University offers counselling and support for learning, motivation, self-regulation, study skills, coping with stress and career choice. The service is a part of Learning Services. The service is available in English. Meetings with a registered psychologist are available free of charge for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degree students of the university. If you have more general problems with psychological well-being you can also contact the student health care services, FSHS.

Your conversation with the psychologists will always remain confidential as legislated by Finland's National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health. The service is free of charge for students of Aalto University. For each student, 1-5 appointments (45mins) can be offered.

Study psychologists Merita Petäjä, Minna Nevala, Paula Sjöblom, Sanni Saarimäki, Henna Niiva and Hannu Pesonen, and career counselling psychologist Seija Leppänen are based at the Aalto University's Otaniemi campus (address: Otakaari 1, Espoo).

You can book an appointment by phone or e-mail: opintopsykologi(at) Always include in your e-mail the following information:

  • your phone number so that we can contact you
  • the name of your study programme and the name of your school
  • a short description of your need for an appointment.

The psychologist will contact the student by email or phone in three working days. You will get an appointment time in three weeks.

Career counselling supports students in matters related to career and life planning and transition to work. Career counselling is about reflecting on a student's processes, e.g. thinking processes or emotional processes, finding the meaning and value of things, and making action plans that drive the student's own values and motivation. Career counselling supports the student in building a meaningful career. Career counselling can support you in gaining a better understanding of what really matters for you personally, how you can plan your career autonomously, help you in making decisions and getting through times of crisis or finding the support of other helpful services. Career counseling is offered by psychologist Seija Leppänen. You can book an appointment by email: seija.leppanen(at)