Preparing for Master’s studies

Planning Officers supports the students with study affairs: planning of studies (personal study plan), guidance on practical study affairs and counselling in challenging study situations. Students meet their programme-specific Planning Officer during the orientation week and can contact them any time during their studies.

Academic advisors are faculty members, acting also as mentors for the students at the department – advising about their academic ambitions, interests and study goals. If you wish to get academic advising, please contact your Planning Officer for more information.

Tutors are senior business students who help new students during orientation week and at the beginning of their studies. Each major has their own tutors, who introduce students to the campus, student organization activities (KY & AYY) and student life in general.

We welcome our new Master's students to orientation that will take place from 1 to 4 September 2020.

The academic year stars with the Orientation for the new students on the 1st of September. You will receive the schedule and further instructions for the orientation from the planning officer of your Master´s programme before the studies officially begin.

During the orientation, new students will meet the personnel and faculty of the School of Business as well as some senior students. The orientation program will offer a great opportunity to learn about study related matters and get answers to any questions you may have. Students will be divided into smaler groups and each group is assigned a student tutuor, who will guide the group in the beginning of the studies. With the tutor you also have the chance to get to know other students and the free time activities arranged by the student unions KY and AYY.

Attending the orientation meetings is highly recommended for all students. If you cannot attend, please inform your planning officer and familiarize yourself with the information provided for the new students at the Student Portal Into.

If you have any general questions, please contact