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‘LC-0610 Intercultural Communication’ course open to all levels of students

Are you interested in exploring ‘culture’ from a different perspective? Are you interested in understanding ‘intercultural communication(ICC)’ beyond making assumptions about people just based on their nationality? ICC courses are designed for all levels of students who want to build up critical awareness and communication skills to become an ethical intercultural communicator working in a diverse workplace.

2020 is a truly dramatic year for all of us, as we have fought against the global pandemic. We also have witnessed and experienced the catastrophic impact of global climate change. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people have joined the march for Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests. After experiencing lockdown and border closure, you might think ‘intercultural communication’ is not important anymore, as we can’t go and live abroad easily. But ‘intercultural communication’ is not necessarily about living abroad as it can be relevant to your everyday experience in your home country depending on your profession and working environment. Most importantly, Covid-19 and climate crisis give an important insight into our lives - we are interconnected with each other much more than we thought and communication is the key to tackle these issues! BLM movements let us learn superficial diversity and celebratory multiculturalism does not guarantee social justice. All these issues can be analysed and discussed with ICC studies and that’s what the course would like to explore with you!

We will start from unpacking the term, ‘culture’ that we use very often for pretty much everything. Why? Actually, it is one of the most notoriously complicated words in English. This will enable us to discuss a range of interesting topics in the field of ICC - ‘social identity’, ‘stereotyping’, ‘essentialism’, ‘racism’, ‘non-verbal communication’ and ‘intercultural transition’.

Registration for the course is open until 19th October. All levels of TECH, ARTS and BIZ students are welcome! To sign up for the course, please check the following WebOodi links:

LC-0610 Intercultural Communication