Has retailing changed forever?

The global pandemic has accelerated the impact of digital technologies on retailers all over the world. Technology firms, such as Amazon and Alibaba, continue to grow their retail offering, alongside manufacturers and social media companies. We see coffee shops, banks, as well as individual consumers setting up stores online, while the retail activity in city centres dies.

Are traditional retailers able to survive in this new market, where Amazon can make more money from renting out its retail infrastructure than actual retail sales? Are we witnessing a paradigm shift? Are our traditional models of marketing still relevant? Or are the links between marketing, sales, and product delivery now so broken that conventional retailing no longer represents a viable business model?

The course is structured around a series of online sessions that allow us to explore such issues together.

Led by Dr Richard Cuthbertson, of the Oxford Institute of Retail Management, at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and Visiting Senior Fellow at Aalto University, this course provides students with an understanding of strategic retail management and marketing in a rapidly changing environment, with a special emphasis on developing new business models, service systems, and customer experiences in an increasingly digital world.

Course code: 23E01000, Advanced Topics in Marketing (Master’s level)

Teaching period: 03.03.-07.04.2021

Teaching times: Wednesday 12:00-15:00