Are you still missing 3 credits of oral skills from your bachelor’s degree?

LCA-1112 Online Presentation Skills for Arts applies a process approach to giving presentations, which includes planning, preparing, practicing, and delivering a presentation on a topic from the student s field of study. As a starting point, students analyze their background and experience as presenters and users of English in order to establish personal goals and areas of development. To be able to discuss elements of effective presentations, students watch and analyze presentations. Students then plan their talks for an academic, non-expert audience by drafting a presentation and creating an outline, including the introduction, body, and conclusion as well as transitions. To enhance the visualization of the presentation message, students familiarize themselves with principles of effective slide design and apply these to their presentations. Students practice their presentations in small groups and give each other constructive feedback. Based on this process, they create a final version of the talk.

This course fulfils the oral part of the compulsory language requirement in Arts.

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