Have you already started writing you thesis? Join LCA-1022 Academic Writing for support with the writing process!

This course covers academic writing as part of the investigative research-based reading and writing process for the scholarly field of art. It carries students through a writing process for creating a clear, well-structured text.

During the course, students work to improve their academic texts as they apply writing skills and techniques introduced in the course, such as structuring a text (for increasing readability), integrating citations and applying appropriate citing conventions, applying linguistic methods of argumentation, and reviewing sentence form and function as well as other writing mechanics (as needed).

The course also introduces some online tools that help with writing in English. In addition, students collaborate on writing where giving and receiving peer feedback is an essential component.

Note: Successful participation requires that you have a research topic, have begun your research, and have already produced at least 2–3 pages (1200–1500 words) of thesis text by the beginning of the course.

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