Code: ARTS3027

Credits: 120 ECTS cr

Responsible Professor: Professor Sofia Pantouvaki

Learning outcomes

The Costume Design Major of the Master’s Degree Programme in Design for Theatre, Film and Television focuses the student’s personal development in artistic practice through creative enquiry and collaboration, theoretical and critical thinking, and aims at their professional competence as costume designers in projects for screen and the performing arts. The studies are continuously enriched and updated by new design practices, new technologies and cutting-edge new research in the field.

A student who graduates from the Master’s Degree Programme in Costume Design is able to:

  • Demonstrate detailed knowledge and understanding of costume within contemporary creative practice in live and media-related performance.
  • Take an active role as costume designer in artistic productions in diverse fields of the performing arts, in film, television and other camera- and media-based projects, as well as in creative projects within a broader performance context.
  • Experiment on new concepts for the creation of costumes, initiate and propose new artistic ideas in costume design in various time and space contexts.
  • Explore his/her artistic potential and develop a personal artistic vision in costume design.
  • Reflect on prior learning and develop new working methods by returning to the core issues of costume design enquiry through a research-centered approach.
  • Master diverse artistic processes and technologies for media and live performance productions, applying and extending artistic and design skills and specialist knowledge in costume design.
  • Work as a creative team member in artistic explorations and productions.
  • Lead and motivate the team that collaborates in the realisation of the costume designs.
  • Investigate existing film, media and performance design traditions and provide critical and creative input that extends the boundaries of costume beyond traditional roles in contemporary culture and practice.
  • Reach a level of proficiency where further external or doctoral studies in costume design can be undertaken.

Education Content

The major studies in Costume Design enhance the development of the students' artistic expression and conceptual thinking, and expand their creative, professional and technical skills and competency as visionary costume designers. The students have the possibility to experiment on advanced concepts for costume design in special areas of performance and media, and to reflect and respond to artistically demanding productions through the design and creative processes of costume design.

The studies include entrepreunial aspects, time and budget management skills, training in developing collaborative artistic work and in communicating ideas to a technical team. If interested, the students can focus on the history, theory and research of costume, and enrich their research skills. The learning is based on a practice-led research approach, where the students’ personal strengths and interests are taken into consideration in planning the content of the studies. The studies are organised in collaboration with the Master’s Programme of Film and Television and with the University of the Arts/Theatre Academy, as well as with external institutions, individual artists and professional companies.


Master's Degree 120 ECTS

Major Studies


Art, theory and research 20 ECTS
Performing and screen arts design 10-15 ECTS
Costume design 25-30 ECTS
Master’s thesis 30 ECTS

Elective Studies30 ECTS

Major Studies 90 ECTS



ECTS Credits

Art, Theory and Research



MA Seminar



Performing and Screen Arts Theories



History of Finnish Performing and Screen Arts Design



Costume and Research


In addition, students choose 5 ECTS of optional advanced art, theory or research studies as agreed in the Personal Study Plan.


ELO-E5015, History and Theory of Modern Scenography, 4cr

ELO-E1020, Film History

Performing and Screen Arts Design and Costume Design

Students need to complete a total of 40 ECTS of studies from the study modules in Performing and Screen Arts Design and Costume Design as following:

Performing and Screen Arts Design


Compulsory courses in Performing and Screen Arts Design module:


Period Costume and Style



Scenography, Production and Costume Design Lectures


Additional credits for this module may be taken from the following courses upon agreement with Professor:


Virtual Space and Body


ELO-E5028Character Design and Virtual Materiality2-6


Special Materials and Techniques (Costume Design)


ELO-C6508Makeup and Hairstyling*1
*This course is only available to MA students who have not completed their BA degree in Aalto.  

Costume Design


Compulsory courses in Costume Design module:


Costume Design Lab


Additional credits for this module may be taken from the following courses upon agreement in students' PSP (personal study plan) 

ELO-C5004Workshop Health and Safety**1
ELO-E6507Special Areas in Costume Design1-12


Costume Design Master Class



Costume as Performance



Independent Project

1–20 *


MA Production


ELO-E5213Artistic Collaboration (TeaK)10-15


Advanced MA Lab for Film Art

4–20 *

**Compulsory to students who have not completed their BA degree in Aalto.  
Elective Studies30
In addition, students choose 30 ECTS of elective studies. As elective studies, students can complete minor studies and/or take individual courses from other programmes at Aalto University or other Finnish universities, participate in an international student exchange programme, do an internship in Finland or abroad, or take elective courses offered by the major.


International Project


ELO-E5505International Seminar1-10
ELO-E6508Assistance during MA Studies1-10 
ELO-E6509Peer Tutoring in Student Production during the MA studies1-8
ELO-E5026Special Areas of Scenography (MA)1-12
ELO-E5514Focus on Production Design1-12 
ELO-E6007Experimental Scenography Workshop2-6 
ELO-E5025Special Materials and Techniques (Scenography)2-6
ELO-E5023Narrative Environments2-6 
ELO-E5027Digi Intro
ELO-E5024Digital Expression (MA)3-6
ELO-E1016ELO / Entrepreneurship and Working Life Skills2
ELO-E1017ELO / Seventh Art
ELO-E1018ELO / Artistic and Technical Breakdown of the Script 1
ELO-E1019ELO / Artistic and Technical Breakdown of the Script 2
ELO-E1013ELO / Group Dynamics and Leadership
ELO-E1015ELO / Well Being at Work
ELO-E1005Courses with varying content in Film (MA)1-16
ELO.traiInternship (MA)3-20 
ELO-E5011Literature (MA)1-8 

Master’s thesis



Master’s Thesis


* ) Students have the right to be credited with components of courses from courses over 12 ECTS.