The use of materials today is not sustainable for the environment and our future. Nordic Biomaterials by CHEMARTS (CHEM-E0165) inspires students to combine design and material science for new cellulose-driven concepts and ideas. Combining natural materials with advanced technologies offer new possibilities for sustainable development within existing and emerging industries.

This graduate-level course (6ECTS) introduces students with varying backgrounds (design, science, engineering, business) to a broad spectrum of biomaterials, especially wood-and plant-based. During the course, students familiarise themselves with practice-based material research, experience how interdisciplinary material research happens in practice, and explore how raw materials could be turned into innovative business ideas in the context of circular economy.

More information on the course website:

Course schedule

The course includes three phases: self-paced pre-work including Laboratory Safety course, two intensive workshop weeks and an individual post-work assignment.

1-5 August: Pre-work (online)

  • Optional kick-off meeting 
  • Self-paced course orientation
  • Laboratory Safety course

8-19 August: Intensive weeks (on-campus)

  • Daily program 9-17, including lectures, discussions, guided experiments, project development, hands-on experimentation in pairs/teams/individually (detailed program to be shared later)
  • One-day excursion
  • Joint presentation event and feedback discussion 

by 31 August: Post-work (online)

  • Report including documentation of the research process, individual reflection on key takeaways and course experience.
  • Optional joint feedback session


Registration for the course is open until 31.5.2022 through the application form: 

Registration in Sisu will be done after admission to the course.