All university students need entrepreneurial skills. That doesn’t mean that every student needs to become an entrepreneur, but the skills and mindsets of successful entrepreneurs are beneficial to everyone.

Join Aalto Ventures Program's courses this fall to broaden your understanding of entrepreneurship and learn about for example building your own business, wellbeing and routines, sustainability, or philosophy! 👇  Students from all schools of Aalto University are welcome to take our courses.

Registration is already open in Sisu for the first-period courses!

📙 Startup Experience (TU-E4100, 9 ECTS, I-II) 📙

Learn how to think and build like an entrepreneur to face the uncertainty of the world. Experience what it’s like to found a startup and test sustainable business ideas without actually having to set up a company. 

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📕 Startup Philosophy (TU-EV00010, 6 ECTS, I-II) 📕

Changing frames of thinking, evaluating evidence, and arguing your position are central skills for both philosophers and entrepreneurs. Learn philosophical concepts and probe deeper into the foundations of your ways of working.

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📘 Good Life Engine (TU-CV0006, 5 ECTS, I-IV) 📘

A unique self-development course that aids in personal growth while addressing global trends of wellbeing. Learn how to build, maintain and develop new routines and build stamina to cope with both successes and failures of life.

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📗 SDGs as Entrepreneurial Business Opportunities (TU-E4200, 4 ECTS, II) 📗

We don’t want you to become just a startup millionaire. We want you to save the world. Learn how to leverage Sustainable Development Goals to create businesses that make both impact and profit — and value both equally. 

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📒 Art, Life and Entrepreneurship 1 (ARTS-A0627, 3 ECTS, II) 📒

Find your path in the crossroads of art and entrepreneurship by studying different business practices in your own field. Learn how businesses are started and where to find support for the journey.

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Aalto Ventures Program is the entrepreneurship education program at Aalto University. We help the Aalto community in creating a sustainable future through entrepreneurship. Join our courses, programs, or open events! Get to know us more at or follow us on social media @aaltoventuresprogram.