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The well-being and study abilities of the students are important at Aalto University as a part of Aalto strategy 2016-2020. The goal is to enhance the success of students by advancing study support, teaching, learning services and focusing support on study capabilities.

With the help of the questionnaire AllWell?, we gain knowledge of planning actions for development. As results, we have identified some factors influencing students' stress and workload. So far, we have for example developed study guidance and supervision, organized workshops for teachers to focus on students' workload and support students' study progress and well-being as well as developed Aalto's study skills online content

AllWell? is based on the study ability model (Kunttu, 2005). The study ability model has strongly been promoted by students and AYY. The study ability consists of personal resources, study skills, teaching and study environment. The study well-being questionnaire consists also of these four dimensions. The summaries of the results regarding each programme are delivered to the heads of programmes. Together with the course feedback, the results at  used for developing the programmes.

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AllWell? questionnaire will be open for the next time in February 2022!