Here’s a possibility to get into contact with experienced business professionals who want to share their knowledge with you and support you to a successful start in your career. The mentoring programme is organized by Aalto.

Doctoral candidates at Aalto University have been able to participate in a mentoring programme since autumn 2015. The mentoring process has been one-to-one, actor-mentor pairs. During the autumn 2018, there will be a pilot for a group mentoring. A mentor with wide experience from the business world will lead a mentoring group (max. 3 participants). Each group will have their own themes based on the mentor’s specialization.


The mentoring pilot will include 11 mentoring groups. You can participate in the English or the Finnish one. Mentors of the programme are experienced persons who have graduated from Aalto University. They work outside the University in a company or in an organization. Their role is to lead and guide their own mentoring group.


Mentoring can help you as an actor to look at your strengths and development opportunities. It may encourage you even to face new challenges. You as an actor give for the mentor new energy and perspective for their work. Mentoring increases each participants' self-confidence and develops interaction skills. It is a great way to build a determined career development path. Mentoring enables transfer of the knowledge and expertise from an experienced mentor to a mentee.


As a doctoral candidate, you will deal during the programme following subjects:

  • Find career choices and paths as well as train job search skills
  • Find out your own strengths and develop the professional skills
  • Develop interaction and communication skills
  • Build a professional network

Group mentoring supports peer support and new views on issues discussed in the group, alongside the mentors support.

In addition, each group has its own themes that the group will focus on during the mentoring process.


Expectations for an actor:

  • Commitment to the mentoring programme and group meetings
  • Active role at the mentoring group
  • Openness and willingness to share and reflect own goals and expectations with the group

Please remember that mentors give their time and effort for you and the group. It does not include a work offer, an internship nor a guidance at the doctoral thesis.


You can apply if you are a doctoral candidate, and your studies are about halfway. The programme is open for Finnish and international candidates and it offers a great way to network.

Please get to know the background of mentor candidates and register by 5 October. Check out the themes you are interested in and register for 1-3 groups in that order you would like to join in:

The application includes questions about your personal and student information as well as your expectations for the mentoring. Please describe as clearly as possible your objectives. The selection of the actors in the programme is based on these applications.

After the application deadline expires, you will receive a message about the approval.


We will inform you about the matching results by 17 October. The start will take place 1 November at 16:30-19:00. The first group meeting will be during the evening, in which you agree the rules and schedule. Mentoring programme includes 4-5 group meetings. Recommendation is that you meet once a month, 2-3 hours per time.  The whole process takes about half a year. It is important that you reserve time and engagement for the mutual schedule. There will be responsibilities for each actor in turns to make sure that the mentoring process proceeds as agreed by the regular meetings that has a theme and a goal to follow up.

Joint closing event for the mentoring groups will in April 2019.

Apply now!


Kaija Meriläinen, HRD Specialist,
Leena Salmio, Manager, Advancement & Corporate Engagement,