Information and Service Management minor (MSc)

Information and Service Management (ISM) refers to the creative use of information and technology in decision making, in managing business processes and networks, and in developing new products and services. Minor studies in Information and Service Management offer an interdisciplinary education that allows the student to focus on economic analysis and quantitative modeling, management information systems, or logistics and service management.

Topics covered by the minor studies in Information and Service Management include:
- decision analysis and negotiation processes
- development of information systems and associated business processes and services
- logistics and supply chain management: sourcing, production and distribution of goods and services
- management of technological innovation
- mathematical methods and statistical analysis

While ISM gives an understanding of different business functions and their interdependence relevant to managers, it also provides methods and skills for economic analysis required in many other fields of undergraduate and graduate studies.

Students are advised to counsel their tutoring teacher on their choice of courses.

Structure of studies: (electronic Study Guide)