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Congratulations on your admission to Aalto University!

From this moment on, the Learning Services of your school in Aalto University take the responsibility for your guidance. Contact information is available in the instruction letter attached in your admission e-mail. 

On this page we have listed the steps to take after admission and before the start of your studies. Read the information carefully and take needed action in due time to ensure a smooth start for your studies.

As a part of the corona virus prevention measures, Aalto University has closed its on campus operations until further notice. Teaching continues remotely in digital platforms. All student service points are currently closed but reachable by e-mail and phone during regular office hours. Aalto is making every effort to ensure students’ safety, support and progress of studies in the current exceptional situation. Information on the current status of the pandemic is available here and information on the national restrictions and safety measures here.

Update 18.6.2020

Although the state of emergency caused by coronavirus has now been lifted in Finland, there is still a great deal of uncertainty concerning the pandemic situation next autumn. As the pandemic being over by then does not seem likely at the moment, Aalto is currently planning to adopt a hybrid operating model in mid-August. Aalto’s operations will continue in compliance with the current corona-related instructions until 16 August.

We will begin teaching in the autumn term in accordance with the academic calendar approved earlier. As a rule, teaching will continue remotely, provided it is possible without compromising teaching quality or learning outcomes. The pandemic situation and the related nation-wide restrictions permitting, organising on-site teaching will be possible with the necessary safety measures in place. We want to pay particular attention to ensuring our new students’ integration into the university and the university community. While most of the orientation activities for new students will be organised remotely, we will be able to organise some events on campus, provided that due safety measures are taken. International students not being able to arrive on campus are considered when planning the teaching mode in the master's programmes. Read more in an announcement sent by e-mail on 18 June 2020.

Update 8.5.2020
On Monday 4 May, the Finnish government revealed its strategy for managing the coronavirus crisis and gradually lifting the restrictive measures. In line with the government’s new recommendations, we will continue to work primarily from home over the spring and summer. The remote working policy will be re-examined by 31 July. Teaching and studying will continue mainly remotely during the spring and summer. Details on the arrangements for summer and autumn are forthcoming. 

A webinar was held on 24 June at 3 pm (GMT +3) to discuss the teaching arrangements in autumn semester 2020 and other updates concerning the corona affected issues. 

My current university was blocked and I cannot go back to go through graduation procedures until the period ended. So the time I get my degree certificate is still uncertain. If I cannot get it before July 31,can I get an extended period of time?

In an exceptional situation where your Bachelor's graduation is delayed directly due to the coronavirus pandemic, Aalto University can use case-specific discretion and consider waiving the normal requirement of completing one’s degree. If your graduation is delayed and you cannot graduate by 31 July 2020 due to the pandemic, please submit an account of your situation with the provided form and request a statement from your university.

The form is available on the new master students’ website ( in section 3.

The filled form and a free format statement by your university must be submitted at the latest by 7 August 2020 (3:00 pm, GMT +3) to Both the form and the university statement must state that the graduation is exceptionally delayed and is not possible by 31 July 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The statement will be verified with the university.

If the delay is not caused directly by the pandemic, the conditionally granted study right will have to be cancelled.

Will there be a possibility for exchange?

All degree students can apply for student exchange. More information here:

I'm not sure about arriving in finland during first semester so do i need to apply for non-attendance now?

You should apply for the non-attendance by 4 September at the latest, preferably earlier. Instructions will be available in a week or so.

Hi! I’m from Taiwan, there is no Finnish embassy ,and the nearest Consulate General of Finland is in Hong Kong or Shanghai, both may resume operation on7/14, due to the 14-days quarantine policy is HARD to have residence permit on time. Although I am exempt from visa to enter Finland, there is no Nonstop flight or Direct flight from Taiwan to Finland, we may face restrictions when transferring. Is it possible to apply as non-attendance student due to inability a residence permit on time because of the coronavirus measures right now? And what kind of proof document do I need?

You can apply for the non-attendance as soon as we have the instructions and application form updated in a week or so. Possible document requirements will be explained in the instructions.

Will it be possible to watch this webinar later or again? I arrived late due to timezones

Recording is available on this page.

Having been an immigrant in Finland for a couple of years, I know for a fact that social integration is a big challenge here. How do you ensure social integration for new international students if the orientation is conducted online? Will we have some integration activities organized later on to make up for the loss?

This is a relevant concern and we will do our best to offer opportunities for interaction and integration during the orientation week and later. The need of replacing activities during the autumn and at the beginning of January have been acknowledged.

Will the online study have any influence on search year visa after graduation?

Online study will have no practical implications on any official administrative procedures.

After enrolling as a non-attending student, will we be able to access the Aalto User Account?

You should be able to activate your user account but as non-attending student you will have limited access to different platforms (eg. course registration is not possible).

I haven’t paid the tuition fee. As I know I am probably allowed to enroll as non attendance, do I need to pay the tuition fee?

Tuition fee is required for attendance only so the answer is no, you don’t need to pay the fee for this year.

The embassy in our country announced to provide new update on the reopening date to receive RP applications on 1st September, so can I register as non-attending as early as beginning of July(also known as defering as my understanding)? In that case, would it be 100% that I can defer til September 2021 or it still depends on the decision of the University?

Non-attending registration requires an application so it’s not automatic. If conditions are clear regarding restrictions in your case, non-attendance will be granted.

My home-address has changed from the one I have in the admission letter. So, the invoice for AYY membership has the wrong address. Is it okay if I pay the fee having the old address?

Please direct your question to AYY. Most likely it’s not a problem.

If someone gets visa in September or October is it possible to arrive and join the campus in this autumn session?

Depends on if your programme is fully online or requires presence. If it is fully online, you can start studies from home and then arrive in Finland and on campus whenever it is possible in your case. If your programme has studies that require presence, you will need to consider the non-attendance. Please contact your programme for more details.

I am living in finland already How can I contact other master students ?

Depends on your programme and school. There may be a social media channel available already now, so please contact your programme/school for more details.

How student associations will be affected? Many of them include regular gatherings and activities; some of them are about doing collective sports (e.g. football, karate).

Students associations, as long as they are using facilities on campus, are restricted by the same guidelines as any other party arranging activities on campus (groups below 40 with sufficient space are allowed). Guidelines for student associations are being prepared at the moment.

Can i start my studies next year in year 2021 i have not got scholarships from university is there any way i can start my studies next academic year

You can apply for non-attendance, whether it’s granted or not depends on the nature of the possible restrictions (travel, residence permit delay etc). If granted, you can start your studies in autumn 2021.

For online course, do we need to stay in Finland? or is it ok to do it at hometown?

Online studies can be done anywhere you wish. Please pay attention to having eg. sufficient internet connection.

What are the COVID-specific rules for exams in autumn semester?

At the moment the general guideline regarding exams is that in the exam period in October, large exams are to be organized remotely and smaller exams can be arranged on campus (if a course is fully online, the exam will not require presence either). Guidelines for the exam period in December will be decided later.

For online semester, how can I register, which documents I should prepare and when?

To start your studies online, you will only need to enroll as attending. No further registration is needed.

If a student is pursuing a Master degree that is not required in the elgibility criteria of the school he applied in. the degree certificate will be issued in Sep. does he will have to submit any clarification of the postponing. the student already has an unconditional offer from the school.

If this master’s degree is not required for admission and you already have an unconditional offer, there is no official reason to deliver this certificate. Please check with your programme, if they need this information.

If we enrol as non-attending, does it mean we can begin our study in autumn 2021, so we study from 2021-2023, and our scholarship remains during 2021-2023? what's the ddl for applying non-attending? should we still need to pay AYY membership this autumn?

That is correct. DL for non-attendance application is  September (preferably earlier). For non-attendance enrolment the AYY fee is not required.

And I have applied for Huas Home but still didn't get any response Even though I am living in Finland since one year

Please contact HOAS for more details. In many cases they process offers where the lease starts on 1 September only in July. May also depend on the type of housing you have applied for.

Who is best to contact for information about new students and previous information about new students issued?

Contact your school in the address that has been given in the admission letter/cover letter.

My insurance plan is covered only for one year and will be renewed after one year. Will this create a problem in Applying for the Residence Permit?

It will not create a problem, the permit is then granted for the duration of the insurance. Mostly the permit is granted for one year at a time anyway.

The international joint program link on the presentation was invalid. Can you help me with that?

Here’s the link:

I got the not-attendance grant for 2019-20 academic year due my medical condition and accepted attendance for coming academic year. However due to current Covid-19 situation and new regulation can I ask for another year non-attendance permission?

The non-attendance restrictions concern first year only. Even if you have been non-attending in your first year, this second year is considered as enrolment of a continuing student. Hence, enrolment as non-attending doesn't require separate application. However, if you are fee-liable and have been granted a scholarship, the postponement of the scholarship is considered based on an application.

In frank app it says I am not yet registered as a student, even though I paid all the fees and enrolled. Do we get registered in August or is it just me having this problem?

Your study right begins on 1 August 2020 so Frank app is reading the 19-20 data still. In August it should be fine.

How would exams and assessments be conducted in the first semester?

There are different kinds of evaluation methods in the courses in Aalto and exam is only one of them. Those courses that have a regular final exam will have online exams. Aalto has created a guideline for teachers on executing remote proctored exams.

After attending the autumn semester online, can we switch from being attending student to non-attending student for the second semester of the first year? Given that the embassy is still closed due to COVID-19 thus our inability to get resident permit in time?

Yes you can, there is another enrolment period in winter during which you can apply to change the enrolment status.

How are Unisport services affected?

It seems that Unisport has retured to regular activities for now:

If I am in a course that requires attendance such as in the school of art and design:  if I receive my residence permit later in Autumn due to the current closures of the embassy is it okay to arrive after I receive it, for instance in October?

Please contact your programme for details, possibility for late arrival is dependent on the programme.

Are there any chatrooms on Telegram for new students of the same major?

This depends on your school and programme. Please contact your school to ask.

Hello, If I decide to join online course and cannot attend campus, should I change enrollment status from “attend” to “Not attend” ?

If your programme offers teaching fully online, you don’t need to be on campus, ie. you can stay with attending status the entire semester. You can start from home and then arrive on campus when possible.

I have enrolled as attending and have paid the ayy membership fee as well but have no confirmation if the enrollment is complete? Am I supposed to receive a confirmatipn?

The system doesn’t send confirmation but if you have followed all steps and no error messages, enrolment is complete. You should be able to view it in, if not, please contact your school to check.

Can I access all books data of library from home? I suppose I need to access it to finish assignment.

Once you have activated your Aalto user account, you will have full access to library (online) databases.

What is PSP I mean personal study plan? Will there be anybody who will help us in selecting courses??

In Aalto all students make a personal study plan where you select the courses of your degree within the framework provided by your programme curriculum. These issues will be explained and guided during the orientation week at the latest.

I am a non-EU citizen but have a permanent residence in an EU country.  On the government website, it states that “If you have an EU residence permit from another Member State you may apply for a Finnish residence permit, either in Finland or in the Member State that granted the EU residence permit”. Does this mean I am able to apply for the study permit once I am in Finland (would it be easier than those without EU permit)?

Please address your question to the Immigration Service (Migri).

the Finland's embassy in my country has still suspended for RP until 1 September, so I can not arrive Finland on time when the autumn semester begins. Should I enrol as non-attending student in autumn and start study in spring 2021?

This depends on your programme. If your programme offers autumn semester fully online, you can enroll as attending and start your studies from home and then arrive on campus later. If you programme requires presence, you may need to consider non-attendance. Please check with your programme is a start in January is possible.

As in the business School all my courses will be online in that case even if I get visa in December will I be an enrolled student as I do not have to join the campus physically?

If you aim to start your studies, you will need to be enrolled as attending regardless if teaching is online or on campus.

In case if I've already enrolled as attending and I wish to postpone my attendance via force majeur(in a situation where I don't get an RP before Sep 4th), can I do so?

Yes you can change your enrolment status as long as the enrolment period is open. Please not that depending on your programme, if it provides a full online start, you may not be required to be present on campus.

Can individual programs reach out to having a webinar for their international students?

For now we are not planning to organize further webinars. Please contact your programme directly for specific questions.

How to apply for RP next year if I will be a non attendance?

You can start the residence permit application process according to the same instructions as this year. Your admission letter from last year is sufficient for the application and if needed, the university can provide further documentation.

 I’ve been writing to for some additional information regarding transactions since sometime now and haven’t received a reply yet. Where can I get help regarding this?

There has been some queue in the service address lately, please contact your schools address for updates.

Just to clarify, for student attending School of electrical engineering, presence in the country isn't compulsory to do the first semester courseware, right?

Correct, the School of Electrical Engineering will provide full online semester for 1st autumn master’s studies.

Note! The information presented in the webinar is partly outdated and is replaced by the materials offered in the webinar held on 24 June 2020. The outdated information in Q&A is marked with light grey.

A webinar was held on 23 April at 3 pm (GMT +3) to discuss the possible effects of the corona pandemic on the start of the studies. 

Is it possible to start some sort of distance learning in case of late arrival until we can attend to Aalto ?

Yes it might be possible but depends on your programme. This was discussed during the webinar, you can take a look at the recording later for further elaboration. Please contact your programme for more information.

Can we know about the current situation in Finland?is the virus still spread very fast or does it shows any signs of ease? cause even our country used like more than 3 month to keep it under control.

The pandemic in Finland shows signs of ease at the moment. Restrictions were put very early by the government and those seem to have been working. It does not mean of course that the situation would be completely over in a long time. News in English are available here:

Are we able enrol to the summer courses/open university summer courses provided by Aalto University? Are we eligible for any discounts to the course fees ( as degree students apparently are)? And do these course credits count towards our masters degree studies?

You degree study right in Aalto officially starts on 1 August 2020. Therefore you are not entitled to summer or open university courses free of charge this summer yet. Possible completed credits can be counted towards the master's degree's elective studies part in most cases. Please check with your programme.

Is there any platform connecting us to the current students?

Is there anyway we can know who all are adimitted to a particular programme to connect with them to find solution to some common issues?

It would be nice to have a platform to get to know other new students even before orientation week. Maybe a Discord server would be a good choice?

This depends on your Aalto school and programme. You will get more information on this in the next Newsletter if your programme/school has a platform.

Is there on campus accommodation?

The main student housing providers are AYY student union and HOAS. Both have accommodation options on Campus. Please read more here:

Will the online classes start if one is still yet to attend the resident permit interview ?

If your residence permit application is complete, the permit process should not take too long after visiting the Finnish mission. You attending the possible online start is most likely not dependent on the current status of your permit process at that time. We'll be providing more information on the online start for those programmes where it is possible.

If I happen to study use distance learning option for any part of my course, would it be highlighted in my transcript once I finish the course? (It is mandatory for me to have a full time course as per my employer guidelines)

Distance learning is not highlighted in transcript. Distance learning would be a temporary arrangement and all programmes in Aalto are offered in-class.

Can students skip the 1st period and attend on the 2nd period on 26 Oct?

The academic year is divided into 5 teaching periods and teaching is spread over those periods in different ways. Depending on your programme, missing the first teaching period entirely may make the continuation of studies impossible. Possibility to arrive late depends on the programme, so please consult with your school.

Is there an imperative policy that students coming to Finland should put themselves in quarantine for 14 days?

At the moment we don't know what kind of national quarantine policies there might be in August/September. As soon as there are decisions and guidelines, we'll inform new students.

Hello, I was initially planning on moving to Helsinki now and taking on a job during the summer months until studies start in September. Would you advise against this and staying in my home country, given the current situation? I am unsure how employment rates are currently in Finland, as in my home country unemployment is at an all-time high due to the virus. Thank you!

As everything is pretty much closed at the moment, it might prove a bit more difficult to find a job (depending on the type of job of course). I you are offered one and able to arrange arrival otherwise, we see no reason why you could not pursue this plan.

Hello. I have double nationality including Finnish. Today I accepted my study place but I had some difficulties. When I entered the link Aalto sent for confirming the study place it requested e-identification, which I don't have. Due to this I contacted the admission services and I was able to accept my study place by email. But still, I don't have any access to StudyInfo. My question is if it's important to be able to enter to my StudyInfo page or was it just necessary for accepting the study place? Aalto admissions told me that it won't be needed anymore but I'd just like to have a confirmation from you...

There is no need for further access in, there are no more actions there for you to do.

Could you kindly let me the exact dates of the start and end of the semester? I need it for the resident permit application.

In the application you can use 1 August as the start date and 31 July as the end date. In practice the semester starts on 31 August with the orientation. Teaching starts on 7 September.

Some healthcare officials have been warning of a "second coming" of the Covid in the fall/winter. Is there a plan in Aalto for such a situation? Say that there is a new pandemic just before the school year is about to start. Will the start of the year be moved or would everything be moved online?

In this scenario, the start of the year is not likely to be moved. Aalto was able to move all teaching online within one week this March, so there is a good capacity to repeat this if need be.

Can I pay student union fee (AYY membership) after I arrive in Finland during orientation period? Or is there any deadline for it?

Student union fee payment is a part of the enrolment process: you can't enroll as attending without paying the membership. If needed, you can enroll (and pay the fee) after your arrival, but no later than 4 September. Enrolment instructions are available on this page in section 4.

Should we apply first to the Student Union Membership before applying for the student's accommodation

You can apply for AYY housing before paying the AYY membership fee.

Good afternoon! Thank you for the session. I have a question about accepting the study offer. I could not accept the offer by my own, so I asked the school and admission services to do so for me. It was done for me and I got an email from admission service saying that place was marked as confirmed in StudyInfo. However, I keep receiving some notifications from Aalto University official email that ask students to accept the offered place. Is it normal? I guess the notifications are just sent to everybody.

Yes notifications are sent to everybody. If you have received a confirmation from the Admissions services, then there is no need to worry.

Hello, I haven't been able to locate the AYY membership fee payment site. Is this something that will only be available after 4th of may? If already avaialable, could you please share a link?

Yes the final payment instruction will be available on 4 May the latest. Instructions will be update on this page in section 4 below.

In my country we have scholarship for monthly allowance to study in Finland, but results are announced around August 20. What will be university's reaction if I will get residence permit late because of this reason?

We very much hope that you will be able to get the scholarship, but from the 20th of August it will be very challenging to get to Finland by the 7th of September (i.e. when the teaching begins). You will need to contact the student services of your school (the email’s in your admission letter) when you know the outcome of the scholarship. You would need to have a reasonable estimate as to when you will be able to arrive, and the school will then need to find out if you can start late or what your options are.

My finances are dependent on having a part-time job in Finland. Will this be an issue on my residency permit?

Most likely yes. The Immigration Authority would need to see that you have the finances before granting you the residence permit. Income from a part-time job is not actual finance, but potential income, which is not certain to materialize. If you already have the job (or a written contract that you’ve signed) it might be different, and you will then need to contact the Immigration Authority to see if they would accept that as proof of your finances.

At what point I have to start consider to deferring my studies/scholarship and how to do it?

If you still don’t have a residence permit by mid-August, please contact us and we’ll see what can be done.

Hi, I just wonder what happen if we cannot graduate on time due to coronavirus? For example, the courses cannot be handled online. Do we need to pay tuition fee for extra study right for that? Thank you

The difficulties caused by the coronavirus have been tackled very well so far with most courses running on-line and only some cancellations. It is unlikely that your studies would be delayed by the university, but of course if that happens the university will take responsibility for it, meaning you would not pay any extra. But already the university has a scholarship for additional semester, that anyone liable to tuition fees can apply. It covers 100% of the tuition fee for one additional semester following the normative duration of the programme, thus, providing flexibility for delays in graduation.

what if I enroll as attendant and later I couldn't make it. Can I defer after that?

The deferral is not an option for most students as it is strictly regulated by law and only available if you’re seriously ill, taking maternity/paternity leave or doing Finnish conscription. But if you cannot get to Finland (on time) you can cancel your enrolment and then apply for readmission, with the end result being much the same as with the deferral.

What will happen if I decide not to join the program after I pay the tuition fee?

You can cancel your right to study and request for a refund – it will be granted as long as you have not done any actual studies.

If a student decides to not travel internationally out of caution because of coronavirus, I understand that does not come under force majeure and is considered choice. However, can I apply again for the same program and will I be eligible to be considered for scholarship again next year? Will it impact my decision then?

Caution within reason may qualify you for the deferral of scholarship, especially if the situation in your country is not good at the time or you belong to a group with a heightened risk or some such. So it is not automatically considered choice – the circumstances will play an important role and we will need to evaluate those when they are known.

Do we need apostilled documents for applying to enterfinland website as the apostille services are closed right now in my country?

The residence permit applications are dealt with by the Immigration Authority - please contact Migri for further advice:

Do I need to pay the tuition fees for one year or for the entire two years?

You are invoiced one year at a time, so for now it is sufficient to pay the invoice you receive. You are then invoiced for the second year around mid-April of 2021.

What about the classes timetable Is it possible to do part time job with study as I am living in finland right now but I have to do jobs for my living expences here.

Yes, it is possible (depending on the nature of work of course), as many students work for part-time. It will only become an issue if it affects your studies, your residence permit or your funding in a negative way.

What is the health insurance amount to be paid. it was mentioned along with the residence permit.

Please refer to Migri’s website about the recommended insurance providers:

Could you kindly suggest some accepted companies where I can get the insurance from?

Please refer to Migri’s website about the recommended insurance providers:

Could you provide some specific information about the insurance?

Please refer to Migri’s website about the recommended insurance providers:

My question is if I start my studies in September 2021.. Then my scholarship will be valid till 2023 or it will be valid for just 1 year? I got 100 percent scholarship

Scholarships are offered for the normative duration of the programme (i.e. 2 years or 4 semesters for a master’s, for example) but are subject to terms and conditions which have to be met – please refer to your scholarship agreement for details - and annual review where the progress of studies is checked. As a general rule, the scholarship may be terminated if student has obtained less than 45 credits a year, which is also the criterion for the continuation of the residence permit, or if the terms and conditions have been violated. There have been very few cases in Aalto where the scholarship has been terminated.

I need to visit vfs global office for biometric identification. It is closed right now. What should I do in this case as it will delay my residence permit process?

There’s not much that can be done about that at this stage, so please follow the information on VFS Global (or Ministry of Foreign Affairs) website and try to book appointment as soon as it opens. Please contact us for further advice if the situation has not progressed around mid-August.

Are there any external bodies that can provide financial aids to master's students.

There are some (around the world). You can find information about different scholarship opportunities available in your country at:

If the students are asked to come to Finland after a period of online learning, but there are still conditions of "Force Majeure" in the home country, I believe the online learning could be extended with valid reason?

The distant-start is only a last resort and it will be limited to maximum of one semester, so online learning could not be extended beyond that. It is essential that you will be able to continue your studies in person, hopefully already at some point in the autumn semester, but from the beginning of the spring semester at the very latest

Update 24 June 2020: FAQ is subject to change and is to be updated to correspond with the new absence enrolment regulation.

What if I cannot get a residence permit on time, or some other coronavirus measures delay my arrival - can I start late or get a refund, and what happens to my Aalto scholarship?

You are entitled to a full refund of the paid tuition fee if the residence permit is either denied or delayed so that you cannot start your studies on time.                        

You are entitled to a full refund of the paid tuition fee if you are unable to start your studies because of some other force majeure.

Aalto scholarship can be deferred by up to a year if your residence permit is either denied or delayed, or you face some other force majeure so that you cannot start your studies on time.

The due date for tuition fee invoices has been extended until the 31st of July to give new students more time to evaluate their options and make the relevant arrangements due to the coronavirus outbreak

I cannot start the residence permit process because the embassy is closed and/or travel is prohibited, so what can I do?

The residence permit process cannot be influenced by the university, so students need to follow the information given from the Finnish Immigration Authority, Migri:

Aalto provides flexibility in terms tuition fee payment deadline, refund policy and scholarship deferral to ease the possible complications for new students’ residence permit delays and difficulties resulting from the coronavirus outbreak. 

Are there any scholarships or part-time work opportunities that can help me to finance my monthly expenses during my studies as the coronavirus impact on finances can make payments more difficult?

Students should be adequately funded for the whole duration of their studies without reliance on part-time work or additional scholarships. The availability of part-time work varies depending on the market, but as a general rule should not be relied on as funding for studies or living expenses.

For students paying either half or full tuition fees, Aalto offers Incentive-Based Scholarship of 1500 euros for successfully completing 60 credits or above of programme studies in one academic year.

Any additional tuition fee waiver scholarships are not offered. Aalto fee-waiver scholarships are allocated as part of admissions to ensure students have a full and accurate view of their funding for the whole duration of their studies.

Is it possible to defer the admission till January 2021 or September 2021 along with the scholarship if I cannot start my studies in this September?

A formal deferral process is only available for reasons defined in the university law (i.e. illness, maternity/paternity leave or Finnish military service), so deferral is mostly not possible.

If you are prevented from starting your studies on time because of an evident force majeure, such as inability to obtain a residence permit on time or travelling to Finland because of the coronavirus measures, you need to go through a separate process called readmission.

This means that you accept the study place in 2020 but do not enroll for the academic year 2020-2021 and thus lose your right to study as a result. You can then apply for readmission in the spring 2021 and if granted, start in the autumn 2021.

Aalto scholarship can be deferred together with successful readmission by up to a year, provided it has not been used for any credits.

The readmission requires separate application, proof of the force majeure and a small administrative charge of 35 euros. If you apply within 12 months of losing your right to study, the readmission is approved as a matter of course.

Are there any tuition fee discounts because of the coronavirus situation?

Aalto is not offering discounts on tuition fees but is working on a number of different adjustments in order to guarantee the standard progress and academic quality of studies during the coronavirus outbreak.

Can Aalto help with my travel arrangements in any way as many borders are shut and airports are not operating normally?

Aalto has around 100 nationalities of students from hundreds of different locations around the world so, unfortunately, helping students with individual travel arrangements exceeds the administrative capacity of the university.

We are of course happy to help should you require specific documentation or some such from the university to make your travel arrangements, so please do not hesitate to ask.

Where can I find more information on the impact of coronavirus on tuition fees?

This website will be up-dated on a regular basis and if you have a specific question not answered here, please write to:

In chat sessions you can ask questions about for example studies and student life in Aalto, residence permit, scholarships, accommodation, Finnish bank account, travel card, etc. Aalto Squad (our student ambassadors) and Admission service staff members are happy to answer your question during those chats.

You can join for chat sessions by clicking this link:

Chats in 2020

1 April 4 pm (GMT +3)

8 April 4 pm (GMT +3)

15 April 4 pm (GMT +3)

22 April 4 pm (GMT +3)

Each chat takes 1 hour.

Get to know our Squad members! They tell their experiences at Aalto University and in Finland in their website. You can reach students through all throughout the spring and summer 2020.

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Newsletter 3 - June (the week of 22 June)

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Newsletter 4 - August (the week of 10 August)

1. Accept Your Admission Offer by 28 April 2020 (3:00 pm, GMT +3)

The applicants will receive an email notification once the results are published and the admission result can be viewed in The Aalto University schools send an official electronic admission letter by email to those who have gained admission to the university. Accept your admission offer as soon as possible after receiving the notification of your admission. The deadline for accepting the admission offer is 28 April 2020 (3:00 pm, GMT +3). If you have problems with accepting the offer online, please contact the student services of your programme immediately.

Once you have accepted the offer, the acceptance cannot be cancelled. If you fail to accept the admission offer by the deadline, the admission offer will be cancelled.

Students with Finnish personal identity code and online banking ID:

Accept the study place in the portal by logging into My Studyinfo service. Please follow the instructions in the Studyinfo portal on how to accept the admission offer.

Students without Finnish personal identity code and online banking ID:

You will receive an email from the Studyinfo portal with instructions on how to accept the study place. The email includes a personal link to a web page where you can accept the study place.

Applicants placed on a waiting list are informed of their waiting list number when the results are published. Applicants who decline or do not accept the offer of admission by the deadline can be replaced by the applicant highest on the study option’s waiting list, provided that the study option in question has placed applicants on a waiting list. The deadline for admitting applicants off the waiting list is 10 June 2020.

The deadline to accept the admission offer received from the waiting list is by 28 April 2020 or within 10 days of the admission notification. Please check your personal acceptance deadline from your admission letter and then follow the above instructions for accepting the offer.

I applied to two study options and was admitted to my second priority study option. I’m on the waiting list to my first priority study option and want to wait and see if I can be admitted off the waiting list. What should I do?

You can accept the offer of admission to your second study option conditionally and choose to remain on a waiting list for your first study option. The confirmation of accepting the study place will become binding, if you are not admitted off the waiting list to your first study option. If you are admitted off the waiting list to your first study option, the acceptance of the study place will transfer to your first study option automatically and become binding.

If you have been admitted to your second study option and have chosen to remain on the waiting list for your first study option, you can change the conditional acceptance of the admission offer to your second study option as binding (if it has not changed already) and stop being on the waiting list. This change cannot be withdrawn. It is not possible to enrol to the university before the conditional acceptance of the study place has become binding.

Please note that a conditional acceptance of the admission offer cannot be changed to cancellation of accepting the admission offer. In that sense, also a conditional acceptance is binding.

More information on waiting list procedures in

Note that scholarships are study-option-specific. If you have been granted a scholarship, it does not transfer to another study option. You lose the scholarship, if you choose to remain on a waiting list and are admitted off the waiting list to your first study option.

According to the one study place per term provision (Universities Act 558/2009) students may accept only one study place leading to a higher education degree in Finland during one academic term. Higher education degrees include bachelor’s, master’s, licentiate and doctoral degrees awarded by universities as well as polytechnic degrees. The academic terms run from 1 August to 31 December and 1 January to 31 July. Even if the student postpones the commencement of studies, or interrupts his/her studies, the student cannot accept another study place for a degree programme starting in the same academic term.

If you have more than one admission offer, please consider carefully which one you wish to accept. Read more in portal

If you already have a study right at a Master’s programme in Aalto University, please note that you can have only one valid study right towards the same degree. This restriction does not apply in the field of Art and Design. If a student accepts a new study place in a Master’s programme (for instance, leading to the degree of Master of Science in Technology) the old Master of Science in Technology study right is forfeited.

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2. Return the Aalto Scholarship Terms document and/or pay the tuition fee if applicable

Degree students who are citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland are generally required to pay tuition fees. The amount of the tuition fee as well as information of possibly awarded scholarship is in the admission letter.

If you are liable to pay tuition and have been awarded an Aalto University scholarship to partly or fully cover your fee, please return the signed document “Aalto University Scholarship Terms Of Acceptance” by 28 April 2020. The document is sent in the admission e-mail with other admission documents.

Detailed instructions for the payment will be in the invoice, which is issued after you have accepted your admission offer. The invoice is sent by email and payment is due before the start of the academic year. If you are awarded an Aalto University scholarship, the amount awarded will be deducted from your invoice, i.e. if you are awarded a 50 % scholarship, your invoice will concern half of the tuition fee due for that academic year. If you are awarded a 100 % scholarship no invoice will be sent. Tuition fee needs to be paid before enrolling as attending (see section 4).

More information on tuition fee and scholarships.

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3. Submit a copy of your degree certificate by 7 August 2020 (3:00 pm, GMT +3)

If you applied with an incomplete degree, the degree must be completed by 31 July 2020. Please submit a copy of the degree certificate / diploma (and its authorised translation, if the document is not in English, Finnish or Swedish) as soon as possible, but at the latest by 7 August 2020 (3:00 pm, GMT +3). The document is submitted by email to the Admissions Services:

If you are not able to graduate or the required documents are not received by the deadline, the conditionally granted study place will be cancelled.

Delayed graduation due to the coronavirus pandemic

In an exceptional situation where your graduation is delayed directly due to the coronavirus pandemic, Aalto University can use case-specific discretion. If your graduation is delayed and you cannot graduate by 31 July 2020 due to the pandemic, please submit an account of your situation with the provided form and request a statement from your university to support your explanation.

Form for delayed graduation due to pandemic (pdf)

The filled form and a free format statement by your university must be submitted at the latest by 7 August 2020 (3:00 pm, GMT +3) to Both the form and the university statement must state that the graduation is exceptionally delayed and is not possible by 31 July 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The statement will be verified with the university

If the delay is not caused directly by the pandemic, the conditionally granted study right will have to be cancelled.

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4. Enrol as an attending student by 29 July 2020

After accepting an offer of admission, you have to enrol each academic year as either an attending or a non-attending student. The enrolment period begins on 4 May 2020 and we recommend new students to enrol by 29 July 2020 to ensure smooth start of studies.

All degree students must enrol as either attending or non-attending each academic year. If you do not enrol as either attending or non-attending by the end of the enrolment period (no later than 4 September 2020), you will forfeit your right to study.

To enrol as an attending student at Aalto University after accepting your offer of admission, go to the OILI service of Studyinfo and pay the membership fee of the Aalto University student union (AYY). If you wish to join the student association of your field of study (guild or subject-specific association), also pay any related membership fees.

The enrolment period begins on 4 May 2020. Online enrolment is possible until 29 July 2020.

If you cannot enrol online, submit a receipt of your payment of the student union (AYY) membership fee to your school. Please note that the receipt must include your name either as the payer or in the message field, and the bank-issued transaction identification number. Receipts with no name or identification number will not be accepted.

If you pay the membership fee outside Finland, please be prepared to pay foreign transaction charges. The AYY membership fee must be paid in the exact amount.

Due to additional regulations attached to tuition fees, students liable to tuition fees must register manually with the student services. You need a receipt for the payment of your student union (AYY) membership fee and your tuition fees will also need to be fully received by the university before enrolment is possible. Contact your school’s student service desk or for registration.

To ensure you do not miss any orientation sessions or tutor groups, you should enrol as soon as possible and preferably no later than 29 July 2020. Enrolling as an attending student is also a precondition for using any Aalto services, getting a student number, and registering for courses.

It is possible to pay the student union membership fee and to enrol also after arrival in Finland, but make sure you do so as soon as possible and no later than 4.9.2020.

In your first year of studies you can enrol as a non-attending student only for reasons referred to in the Universities Act (Yliopistolaki 558/2009, Section 39), that is, if you are:

  • in active service referred to in accordance with the Conscription Act (1438/2007), the Non-Military Service Act (1446/2007) or the Act on Voluntary Military Service for Women (194/1995);
  • on maternity, paternity or parental leave; or
  • unable to start your studies due to a medical condition.

Please note that the possibility to enrol as non-attending in the first year of studies for reasons of active service is valid only for service performed in Finland.

For academic year 2020-2021, you can enrol as non-attending also in case you are unable to get to Finland to start your studies due to official COVID-19 related restrictions on immigration, travel or other processes required to enter Finland. Note however, that if you enrol as non-attending, it is not possible to complete any studies even by participating in remote teaching.

Please also note that personal choice not to start your studies, illness of a relative or otherwise difficult life situation caused by COVID-19 are not valid reasons for non-attendance.

Fill in the application form for non-attending status. Include the relevant attachment(s) verifying the reason for your non-attendance.

If you are going to perform military or non-military service or refer to official COVID-19 related restrictions, send your application and documents verifying the reason for your non-attendance to

If you refer to a medical condition or your application includes other sensitive information, send the application and appendices as a secure message to Please follow the instructions for sending secure messages.

We strongly recommend you to submit the application and attachment(s) by 29 July 2020, or sooner if possible, in order to allow enough time to process them by the end of the enrolment period (Friday 4 September 2020). If your application to enrol as a non-attending student is rejected, you will receive notice of the matter and instructions on how to enrol as an attending student.

If you have already enrolled as attending, but wish to change your enrolment status to non-attending, please follow instructions above. You may change your enrolment status until the end of the official enrolment period (no later than 4 September 2020).

Duration of non-attendance

If you have reasons specified in the law for enrolling as non-attending during your first year of studies and they are in effect between 1 August 2020 and 31 July 2021, you may enrol as non-attending for the entire academic year. Please note, however, that non-attending status may affect the amount of time you have remaining to complete a degree. For further details, please see additional information on the effect of periods of absence on the permissible duration of studies.

  • If you enrolled as non-attending for the whole academic year but you want to have non-attending status for the autumn term only, you must change your spring term 2021 enrolment status to attending at your school’s student service desk starting 30 November 2020 and no later than 8 January 2021. For this purpose you will need a receipt of your payment of the Aalto student union (AYY) membership fee.
  • If you enrolled as attending for the whole academic year, but you want to be non-attending for spring term 2021 only, you must change your spring term 2021 enrolment status to non-attending starting 30 November 2020 and no later than 8 January 2021. To do this, submit a non-attending status form with attachment(s) to your school’s student service desk. You may apply for a refund of your student union membership fee for spring term.

Students who have accepted an offer of admission in 2019 or earlier

Because you have already accepted your study place, the instructions on how to accept the offer of admission do not concern you. However, other instructions on this webpage are relevant to you, except that you should enrol via WebOodi instead of the OILI service in Studyinfo. To do this, you need to have an Aalto IT account (see the activation instructions below).

Remember to read your Aalto e-mail address! If you have not activated your Aalto IT account yet, do it now.

For more information about starting your studies, you can contact the student services of your school.

New students admitted in 2020

If you plan to enrol as a non-attending student in your first year of study, accept the offer of admission and submit a certificate for your reasons for the non-attendance (see instructions in section Enrolment as a non-attending student).

  • If you enrol as a non-attending student only for the autumn term, contact your school no later than in November to ensure a swift start to your studies in January. Please see also the page Getting started with your studies in January
  • If you enrol as non-attending for the whole academic year, follow up on these pages in summer 2021 for up-to-date information on starting your studies in 2021–2022.
  • If you are a non-attending student for the spring term, contact your school no later than in November to ensure a swift return to studies in the academic year 2021–2022.

The right to study is valid for only a definite period of time. This means that you can only enrol as a non-attending student for a certain amount of terms without it having an effect on the time you have left to complete your degree. The maximum duration of studies is defined in different ways depending on the reason for absence. For further details, please see additional information on permissible duration of studies.

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5. Apply for residence permit (non-EU/EEA Citizens) or register your residence (EU/EEA Citizens)

Non-EU/EEA citizens

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you are required to have a student residence permit in Finland. Read information about the residence permit application and start the application process as soon as possible.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the processing of residence permit applications in the Finnish missions has been suspended as of 19 March 2020 until further notice. However, you can still submit your application via the Finnish Immigration Service’s online service to start the process. More information on the above link.

EU/EEA citizens

EU/EEA citizens do not need a residence permit but upon arrival in Finland, you must register your right of residence upon arrival. Information about the registration of residence

Citizens of Nordic countries register at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency upon arrival.

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6. Apply for student accommodation

You should apply for housing as soon as you have accepted the admission offer. Student housing is provided by the Aalto University Student Union (AYY) or the Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region (HOAS). University does not own student apartments and students are responsible for seeking housing themselves.

Please read carefully further instructions for seeking accommodation under housing.

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7. Plan and organize your travel to Finland

Studies in Aalto University start with an orientation during late-August – early–September. Check on your programme page (section "starting your studies") the exact start date of the orientation programme and plan your arrival schedule accordingly. Consider reserving a couple of days for settling in before the orientation programme. The courses start on 7 September 2020.

More information about how to continue your journey from the airport and how to use public transportation in Helsinki region is found in the section arrival and settling in.

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8. Activate your Aalto user account

You can activate the Aalto University user account as of 1 August 2020, provided that you have already enrolled as an attending student for the academic year 2020-2021.

If you have accepted an offer of admission in 2019 or earlier, you can activate your IT account right away.

Students with Finnish online banking ID or a Finnish electronic ID (HST) card:

Students without Finnish online banking ID or a Finnish electronic ID (HST) card:

If previous options are not possible:

The Aalto username and password are used to login to all Aalto online services including your Aalto e-mail. Don’t worry if you are not able to activate your Aalto ID before arrival, you will be able to catch all relevant information during the orientation week. After the activation of the Aalto user account, you will also have access to your Aalto student number in the Weboodi service.

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9. Acquire a student card

The student card is proof of your student status, and it is the simplest way to get student discounts in, for instance, the university restaurants. For additional information on the student card go to the AYY site.

After you have enrolled as attending, you can:

The Finnish personal ID code is asked in the Frank app application. However, if you don’t have the code by the time you submit the application, you can skip the question.

Note that the right to student discounts begins when the study right begins, i.e. August 1st.

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10. Apply for governmental financial aid for students with permanent residence in Finland

Non-Finnish students with permanent residence (type A or P) in Finland may qualify for the governmental financial aid. A description of the right to receive student financial aid is available on the Social Insurance Institution of Finland (KELA) website.

Adult Education Allowance is an allowance granted by the Education Fund on certain conditions to students who have already been employed before starting their studies. In some cases, adult students may also finance their studies with their unemployment benefit; for additional information, see the TE services (employment services) website.

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11. Next step: Getting started with your studies

Besides taking care of the above-listed items, we recommend you to also familiarize yourself with your new study environment. For that purpose we have collected some items under Getting started with your studies.

Complete our self-study Pre-orientation on MyCourses learning platform in August, when you have activated your IT credentials. Pre-orientation takes 3-4 hours to complete. 

If you are entering Finland for the first time, have a look at instructions for arrival and settling in.

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