Doctoral Programme Committee aims to develop the doctoral education and research of the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. It nominates supervisors, thesis advisors, pre-examiners and opponents for doctoral dissertations, and evaluates dissertations. It also evaluates applications to doctoral studies.

Items to be put on the agenda should be submitted to the secretary of the Commitee well in advance. Contact information for further details (Into).

Doctoral candidates will be informed of the decisions concerning them after the meeting - please note that email meetings end within 3 days of the start of the meeting.

 Deadline for proposalsMeetings
Fri 15.1.2021 (end of day)email meeting starting on Tue 26.1.2021
Fri 5.2.2021 (end of day)email meeting starting on Tue 16.2.2021
Fri 5.3.2021 (end of day)email meeting starting on Tue 16.3.2021
Wed 31.3.2021 (end of day)email meeting starting on Tue 13.4.2021
only admission issuesTue 4.5.2021
Fri 14.5.2021 (end of day)email meeting starting on Tue 25.5.2021
Fri 11.6.2021 (end of day)email meeting starting on Tue 22.6.2021
Fri  20.8.2021Mon 30.8.2021
Fri 10.9.2021Tue 21.9.2021
Fri 8.10.2021Tue 19.10.2021
Fri 12.11.2021Tue 23.11.2021
Fri 3.12.2021Tue 14.12.2021
 Deadline for proposalsMeetings
Fri 10.1.2020Tue 21.1.2020
Fri 31.1.2020Tue 11.2.2020
Fri 28.2.2020Tue 10.3.2020
Fri 27.3.2020Tue 7.4.2020
only admission issuesTue 5.5.2020
Fri 15.5.2020Tue 26.5.2020
Fri 5.6.2020Tue 16.6.2020
Fri 14.8.2020Tue 25.8.2020
Fri 18.9.2020Tue 29.9.2020
Fri 9.10.2020Tue 20.10.2020
Fri 30.10.2020Tue 10.11.2020
Fri 4.12.2020Tue 15.12.2020

The doctoral programme committee shall

  1. develop the content of the doctoral programmes and the joint studies offered by the school;
  2. put forth proposals to the school academic committee on the fields of research in doctoral programmes;
  3. prepare proposals for the Dean on admission of doctoral students;
  4. appoint the preliminary examiners of dissertations and decide on the permission for public defence of dissertation;
  5. appoint the opponents for doctoral dissertations;
  6. evaluate the dissertations;
  7. appoint the examiners of licentiate theses;
  8. evaluate licentiate theses; and
  9. perform other duties assigned to it by the Dean or in the degree regulations.

In addition, the doctoral programme committee shall, unless it has assigned the chair to decide on any of the matters:

  1. appoint a supervising professor and advisor(s) for the doctoral student;
  2. decide on the degree language of the doctoral student, and on the topic and language of the licentiate's or doctoral thesis;
  3. confirm the individual study plans of doctoral students;
  4. decide on the time and language of the of public defence of the doctoral dissertation, and appoint the custos for it.

The doctoral programme committee comprises a chair and 4 – 6 professorial members merited in doctoral education and representing the central fields of research of the school. One of the professorial members may be from another school within Aalto University. In addition, the committee has a doctoral candidate member representing the fields of research of the school. The committee elects a vice chair from among its members. The committee may have deputy members.

The term of the Doctoral Programme Committee is four calendar years. The term of the current committee continues until the end of year 2023. Student representatives are appointed for one calendar year at a time.

Chairperson, Vice Dean Turkka Keinonen


  Deputy members

Prof. Kimmo Lapintie 
Dept. of Architecture

Prof. Ranja Hautamäki
Dept. of Architecture

Prof. Susanna Helke
Dept. of Film, Television and Scenography

Prof. Sofia Pantouvaki
Dept. of Film, Television and Scenography

Prof. Lily Diaz-Kommonen 
Dept. of Media

Prof. Teemu Leinonen
Dept. of Media

Prof. Guy Julier
Dept. of Design

Prof. Kirsi Niinimäki
Dept. of Design

prof. Mira Kallio-Tavin
Dept. of Art

Prof. Paula Hohti
Dept. of Art

doctoral candidate Oleksandra Suschenko 2021
doctoral candidate Luis Vega 2021