LevelBachelor and Master
Available forSCI Students
ThemeInternational studies

Code: SCI3041

Extent: 20-25 cr

Language: According to agreement

Professor in charge: Professors in charge of the majors

Target group: Students of the School of Science

International studies minor consists of courses, which are relevant to student’s degree at Aalto University and which are completed during the student exchange abroad. International study minor is a strong and visible unit of international dimension in a student’s degree and addresses the need for engineers who can combine technical expertise with international understanding.

In addition to the professional content of the minor, module aims to produce knowledge and practical skills in languages and intercultural competence as well as for the needs of modern working life, learned after direct experience of studying and practicing of engineering in a foreign country.  Skills such as critical thinking, ability to use relevant theoretical concepts according to context and ability to cope with uncertainty and multiple interpretations. Furthermore, student will possess an increased knowledge base related to the country or region where the student gains his/her global experience.

International studies minor consists of 20-25 credits and it can be a minor either in Bachelor of Science or Master of Science degree. It may include other than the student's major subject studies, as well as the host country language and cultural studies and it can be interdisciplinary by its nature. International minor content should be discussed in advance with the planning officer and the professor of student's major. It is possible to supplement the International Studies Minor with courses completed at Aalto University with maximum of 5 credits. Supplementation should be agreed beforehand with the planning officer and the professor of student’s major.  International studies minor is graded with the scale of pass/fail.  Terms and conditions of Aalto University student exchange applies.

Students of Industrial Engineering: International studies minor is possible as elective studies as the minor of the degree has to be technical.

Minimum requirement to gain the International Studies minor status: