Students of the Aalto University School of Engineering can apply for a travel grant to participate in summer courses in universities abroad in the summer 2019. The courses must be organised by partner universities of the School of Engineering or by other high-class universities.

Application period for the travel grant: 20 May–2 June 2019.

The online application form (Aalto University - Free Mover Scholarship Application) will open on 20 May.

Decisions on travel grants are made on a case-by-case basis, within the limitations of the allocated budget. Applications for the travel grant must be submitted before the course starts. The maximum amount of the travel grant is EUR 500, depending on the destination. Grant will not be allocated for taking culture or language courses. The terms for eligibility are the same as for student exchange. The student must take courses for minimum 5 ECTS and transfer the summer courses into the Aalto degree.

Attach the following documents in PDF format to the online application:

Applications submitted outside the application period will not be processed.

After the summer course students who have received the travel grant must write a report on the course, transfer the credits into their Aalto degree and submit an official transcripr of records or other official certificate of course completion (signed and stamped).

Please contact Planning Officer Melina Nummi for more information.