General studies in the Bachelor's Programme in Design include art and theory studies, Aalto studies and language and communication studies. On general studies courses students study knowledge and skills that are common to all departments and students of Aalto ARTS.

Art and theory studies9
Aalto studies5
Language and communication studies12

Art and theory studies

General art and theory studies consist of three Contemporary Practice courses which form an entity that is compulsory in the Bachelor's Programme in Design.

ARTS-A0118Contemporary Practice: Art, Media, Design and Architecture Cultures3
ARTS-A0119Contemporary Practice: Studio A3
ARTS-A0120Contemporary Practice: Studio B3

Aalto studies

Aalto studies consist of Academic Learning Skills (2 cr) and of a cross-school course (3 cr). These studies develop student's goal-oriented learning and studying skills and help the student to orientate in the university community.

ARTS-A0113 Academic Learning Skills 2 cr

After completing the course, the student will be able to evaluate and develop his / her own learning, learning abilities and methods. During the course, the student will learn to set feasible goals and to plan and develop a personal study plan.

Cross-school course 3 cr
The student chooses a course (min. 3 cr) which is organized by another school at the university. This course can also be a University Wide Art Studies (UWAS) course. Academic tutor Annika Sohlman helps students with the course choice if necessary.

Language and Communication Studies

Language Studies 9 cr

ARTS-A0112 Information and Communication Technology 2 cr

ARTS-A0111 Information Literacy 1 cr