Master's thesis process in Advanced Energy Solutions

Please read carefully the master’s thesis guidelines. Thesis guidelines contain specific information on for example the goals, requirements and topic selection of the Master’s thesis.

Master's thesis schedule

In Master’s Programme in Advanced Energy Solutions, the Master’s thesis is generally is done during the spring of second year master’s studies. The whole process starts early during the first year, in order to select the topic and orientate in time. Below is the suggested schedule and required student actions for effective graduation.




1st year

Summer/ autumn

Student uses own contacts to search for a thesis position in a company (but if position is not found, devise own topic or look for advertised topic from Professor, see below)

2nd year


Student familiarises themselves with the Master’s thesis guidelines and this thesis process.

2nd year


Student contacts supervisor to suggest a thesis topic (if own topic or from company) or to apply for an advertised topic.  A list of professors under each major can be found at same link.

If the first contacted professor is unable to supervise your thesis they may refer you to the professor responsible for the major. They will then assist you in finding a supervisor.  You can also contact the professor responsible for the major directly if you do not receive any reply from the first contacted professor.

2nd year


Supervising professor and student (and the company advisor where relevant) hold a kick-off meeting to make final agreement on the topic.

Student then applies topic officially (online form).

Student starts familiarizing themselves with the topic and makes a research plan.

2nd year


Student presents research plan to the professor (which is then informally approved by professor or requested to be revised)

2nd year

January – March

Thesis work and writing.

Student can take the course LC-1320 Thesis Writing for Engineers (MSc), if needed.

2nd year


Student finalizes the thesis and agrees with the supervisor and the advisor when thesis is ready.

Student gives a seminar presentation and writes a maturity essay.

2nd year


Student applies for thesis evaluation (online form) and graduation (if all the courses included in the degree are completed).

It is also possible to write the thesis in another schedule, – for example if you want to start the thesis already while in your summer job. Please consult your academic advisor and/or supervising professor on the matter.


The student must officially apply for the Master’s thesis topic (online form), and for Master’s thesis evaluation and approval (online form) at least three weeks prior to a degree programme committee meeting. The application dates are tabulated below.

Please note that master's thesis topic and master's thesis are approved by the degree programme committee. The graduation dates between the meetings are intended for bachelor's degree students and those master's degreee students who have already approved their master's thesis. It should be noted that the topic for the master’s thesis and the completed master’s thesis cannot be approved at the same meeting of the degree programme committee.

Spring term 2019

Deadline for application (Mon)

Degree programme committee (Mon)

Graduation date (Thu)

7.1. This date is not available for ELEC students28.1.31.1.
8.4. This date is not available for ELEC students6.5.9.5.
24.6.-31.7. (Wed)

Autumn term 2019

Deadline for application (Mon)

Degree programme committee (Mon)

Graduation date (Thu)

29.7. unlike previously informed, applications of ELEC students are processed as well19.8.22.8.

Topic selection

Thesis topic is decided in the discussions between the student and the supervising professor. The supervisor ensures that the thesis meets the goals and requirements as referred to in the thesis guidelines. Theses are commonly done for companies. Especially in such cases it is important that the topic and contents are discussed before making the official topic application. Ready thesis topics are also provided in this thesis topics wiki page.

After the student and supervisor have agreed on the topic, the student should do preliminary background research and prepare a short research plan. Research plan defines the research problem more carefully and outlines possible research methods and the timetable. The thesis advisor typically has an insight to the background and methods, and the plan is best prepared with them. The research plan is formulated following the thesis kick-off meeting and agreed with the supervisor/advisor.

Thesis seminar

A thesis seminar is organized early in period I to help the students in the thesis process. The seminar is voluntary, but highly recommended. In the seminar, students attend workshops where they process their research with feedback from their peers. The seminar follows suggested thesis schedule.

Presenting the thesis and writing a maturity essay

A thesis presentation is a mandatory part of the thesis process. The presentation has to be held before the thesis is approved and evaluated. The time and form is to be agreed with the supervising professor.

A maturity essay must also be written to demonstrate knowledge in the field of the thesis and to demonstrate language proficiency. The maturity essay must be written before the approval of the Master’s thesis. The method of completion is agreed upon with the supervising professor.

Thesis presentation at ENG school