Available forENG students only
ThemeInternational studies

Basic information

Code: ENG3052

Extent: 25-30 cr

Language: According to agreement

Professor in charge: Director of Master's Programme

Target group: Master’s degree students of Aalto ENG

Quotas and restrictions: In case a student has already completed International minor in the BSc programme, it’s not possible to take it again in the MSc programme.

Content and structure of the minor

International minor is completed entirely or mainly in an international partner university abroad. The minor can be interdisciplinary by its nature but it should contain relevant courses for the student’s MSc (Tech) degree. Besides the substance studies, also host country’s foreign language and cultural studies (max 10 cr for language and cultural studies) and a credit for international students’ tutoring at Aalto can be included to the minor.
The study plan and the content of the international minor have to be agreed before student exchange with student’s Master’s Programme Director. Possible changes to the original study plan have to be approved as well in order to guarantee the inclusion of the minor to the MSc (Tech) degree. International minor elective studies in the MSc (Tech) degree. The terms and conditions of Aalto University School of Engineering’s student exchange apply.

Learning outcomes: