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See the Office of Data Protection Ombudsman ( for more information

Name of the service


Controller of the personal data file and a contact person

Aalto University, IT

The purpose of the processing of personal data

Personal data is used for

Personal data in the log files of the server is used for

Personal data processed

Following information is fetched from your home organisation on your consent every time you log in to the service:

Following information given to the service by yourself is also collected:

Storage period of personal data

Personal data is stored 24 months from last login or as long as the service can be offered for the person.

Principles of protecting personal data

In the network SSL technology is used to protect personal data. In the service the personal data file is protected (by personal user accounts and authorisation of administrators/by encrypting the file).

Regular transfer of personal data to third parties

Personal data is not transferred to third parties.

Right of accesss personal data on him/her

To check what personal data is stored about you contact the contact person above.


Contact your home organisation to correct the personal data that is fetched from there.