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Climate change and emotions – Workshops for Aalto students

This two-part group workshop is specifically aimed for Aalto students. We will focus on emotions and thoughts, concerning climate change and environmental crises, and how to live with that burden. Are there ways to maintain your own balance and resilience, and be mindful, whilst trying to cope with a constant stream of bad news and a feeling that so much more needs to be done? Together, we will create a safe place for sharing thoughts, connecting with others and finding our own ways face the emotions caused by the climate threat. The workshop consists of group discussions on specific themes as well as mindfulness-based practices.

However, we will not be teaching one another how to live in an eco-friendly way or argue what actions should be taken to solve climate change. This means you can join the workshop without fear of judgement, no matter what your personal views or actions concerning these issues are, as long as you remain nonjudgmental towards others as well.

The workshop is led by study psychologists Sanni Saarimäki and Merita Petäjä. Language is English.

When: Information coming soon.

Sign up by e-mail ( Deadline for sign-up: Information coming soon.

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MyCourses-materials for self-study:

Feeling stressed or anxious? The self-study material will help you to learn how to

  • be here and now
  • observe our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations more clearly
  • be more self-compassionate
  • reduce stress

When  facing difficulties we many times try not to notice them. Handling stress becomes easier when we approach difficulties rather avoiding them and learn to recognize when we start to feel stressed or worried. With practice it is possible to become less reactive and more free with our responses to the stressful situation.

Mindfulness is a state of open attention on the present. It’s living here and now. Mindfulness involves nonjudgmental conscious awareness of one’s feelings, thoughts and surroundings. Our mind often wanders to the past or to the future. Mindfulness skills will help you to focus on the present moment.

You'll find the material in MyCourses

Career Planning Exercises


This self-help material is designed to help you to process the key elements of career planning individually. 


The sequence of exercises is numbered. You can do them in the same order or you can choose only the ones that appeal to you most and seem to help you. Having completed an exercise, reflect the results. What do the results of that reflection add to your self-awareness, your current thinking and goals of a good future as an individual and as a member of a society? How can you use the results? What will you do next?

How to get started

  1. Log in to MyCourses with your Aalto user account
  2. Enroll for the workspace by following these instructions.

Time to Get Cracking – 3 week Self-study material on time management for students

Time management and learning to use a calendar sound boring and tedious and are often seen as being in the same category as managing your personal finances. Why spend time learning something like that? Do these sound familiar to you: ‘I know how to plan, but the problem is putting the plans into action!’ ‘I do make plans, but I just don’t have enough time to do all I should!’ This self-study material focusses on these two common issues: having too much to do and having trouble getting things done.

Time management is not just about taking care of responsibilities. It helps you see what you really spend your time on and why. The underlying question is a fundamental one, maybe the most important question for us as human beings: how do you spend your limited time on this Earth? Your calendar says a great deal about what you actually spend your time on. Does your calendar reflect your values and the things you hold dear? Does it take you towards something meaningful? If not, what do you think should change?

This self-study material offers you opportunities to:

- look at your time use as a self-management skill

- learn to make schedules and stay on them

- learn new skills and review what you already know.

Going through this self-study material and doing the related tasks will take you about 3–5 hours. To make the most of it, you should spread the tasks over several days. Reading on time management without taking any action is the same as reading a healthy eating guidebook without changing your diet at all or talking to a personal trainer on a regular basis without ever going to the gym to try out the programme. Please take time to also do the exercises included in this material.

Self-study material can be found here: