Thesis Submission

Thesis PresentationApplication deadlineGraduation dateGraduation Ceremony

Wed 16.10.

Wed 13.11.

Mon. 2.12.

Tue. 31.12.2019

Fri 31.1.2020 !

Wed 6.11.

Wed 4.12.

Thurs. 2.1.

Fri. 31.1.2020

Fri 31.1.2020

Wed 10.2.2020Tue 10.3.2020Tue 30.3.2020Tue 30.3.2020Wed 10.6.2020 Graduation Party*

Wed 1.4.2020

Wed 29.4.2020

Mon 27.4.2020

Mon 27.4.2020

Wed 10.6.2020 Graduation Party*

Mon 11.5.2020

Mon-Tue 8.-9.6.2020


Fri. 31.7.2020

Fri. 31.7.2020

Mon 31.8.2020

All studies meant to be part of the degree must be registered when the degree certificate request is submitted. 31.12.2019 onwards the request has to be submitted at the graduation day at the latest and the degree certificate will be ready approx. 4 weeks after the gradution day. By default the degree certificates will be handed out in the graduation ceremonies and only for justified reason the degree certificate can be distributed with different schedule.

* Degree certificates will be handed out in the next possible graduation ceremony.