Student has the possibility to include an internship into the master’s degree. Doing an internship is not mandatory. Internship in Department of Arts can be included as elective studies. Please note that the internship must be included in your personal study plan and fit inside the required 120 ECTS of your degree.

Finding an internship 

Students find the internship position themselves. For additional information on e.g. grants available for internship and international internship, see Career Services. 

Before the internship 

Approving the internship beforehand  

Students should approve the internship beforehand with their academic advisor. Approving the internship beforehand means that it will be in the student’s approved study plan and, if the internship followed the intended plan, the internship is approved as part of the degree. 

Applying for the approval is done by email or discussion with the academic advisor. In the email/discussion describe: 

  1. Shortly the company/institution, where the internship takes place 
  2. The name and title of the intended instructor of the internship 
  3. The length of the internship and the intended weekly working hours during the internship 
  4. The intended main task included in the internship 
  5. Your learning objectives during the internship (shortly) 

Applying to include the internship afterwards (only on special cases) 

When applying to include an internship or work experience as part of your studies, please note that getting your request approved is not guaranteed. 

If the student, for any reason, has not approved his/her internship beforehand or wishes to apply for internship credits for work experience, they must discuss this with their academic advisor. As a rule, the internship/work experience must be less than 10 years old to be approved as part of the degree. 

Same reporting is needed in any case. 

After the internship 

Deliver an internship report to your academic advisor. 

The report should be written in the language of you proramme 

The report should include a short description of 

  1. the tasks during the internship 
  2. the field of business of the employer and the basic operations of the company/organization, and 
  3. the relation of your tasks to the latter 

Report does not need to be long, but personal reflection is adviced. 

If student applies for internship credits and the internship has been coordinated by the Career Services (e.g. Foreign Degree Student’s Internship Support Programme for Internships in Finland or internship grants for internships abroad) you can use the same report for both purposes. However, in this case make sure that the report fulfils also the requirements of the Career Services. Read more from CareerWeb .