Description of the programme

Master's Programme in Global Management/CEMS is organized by the School of Business. The curriculum of the MSc Programme in Global Management/CEMS aims at educating responsible, global thought-leaders by offering the students a possibility to combine cutting-edge knowledge with practical real-life cases.  During the programme, students are exposed to interdisciplinary problems in an international context and are encouraged to adopt an analytical and critical approach in lectures, discussions and project work. The Global Management/CEMS is a unique MSc programme, consisting of intensive studies in one of six specialization areas and the CEMS MIM studies. The specialization areas are: Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management, Finance, International Business, Marketing, and Strategy. Throughout the programme teaching will emphasize the responsibility of future leaders both at the individual and the collective level.

The Global Management/CEMS programme with its six alternative specialization areas offers a curriculum that enables the student to focus on his or her specific interests. The programme calls for ambitious and hard-working students interested in growing professionally as well as personally to assume ethical and responsible leadership roles in the future. The normative duration of the Master's degree (120 ECTS) is two years of full-time studying. During the first year, the students will complete courses in their specialization area and carry out their Master’s thesis work. The second academic year incorporates most of the global CEMS MIM programme requirements. An exchange in another CEMS school during the second MSc year is a mandatory part of the Global Management programme (either fall or spring term).

The Global Management/CEMS programme offers students the opportunity to acquire two highly prestigious qualifications: a MSc degree in Economics and Business Administration granted by Aalto University School of Business and the CEMS Master’s in International Management (MIM) granted by CEMS, the Global Alliance in Management Education. The CEMS alliance brings together leading business schools, multinational companies and NGOs, who jointly offer the top-ranked, international and practice-oriented CEMS MIM. Most of the CEMS MIM programme elements are incorporated in the Global Management curriculum. However, in order to obtain the CEMS MIM diploma in addition to the MSc, the student has to complete an international internship and CEMS MIM language requirements in addition to the 120 ECTS.

Please see for more information of the global alliance and the CEMS MIM Programme.

Employment opportunities

The graduates of the Global Management/CEMS programme have broad career prospects in the competitive global labour market. The programme prepares graduates for positions in fields like consulting, general management, marketing/communication/advertising, finance, and sales.

Over 90 % of all CEMS students worldwide are employed in less than 3 months from their graduation. Almost half of them work outside of their home country and approximately 40 % now work for a CEMS Corporate Partner.

In addition to acquiring knowledge and a wide set of skills, the students build lifelong relationships with their fellow students at Aalto University and with the larger international CEMS community, which helps them in developing successful careers.