Please follow the instructions of the school of your major.

Students can apply for the master's degree, when all courses required for the master's degree have been completed and the master's thesis is done. Students can apply for the approval and evaluation of the master's thesis and for the master's degree graduation at the same time. Thesis will be approved by the degree programme committee and the graduation by the dean.

Submit the request for degree certificate electronically

Fill in the online request form according to the instructions and submit it for processing.

Enter the online form here

Grouping of your courses

Notice that courses will be grouped according to a valid study plan (HOPS in Finnish). You can submit your study plan through WebOodi (

Schedule for graduation

Applications/ Requests for degree certificate are considered according the study administration schedule. Please, check the application deadlines from the schedule. The Dean grants the degrees after the Degree Programme Committee meeting and students will be informed of their graduation approximately three days after the meeting. The eAge system will send an email notification of the result to those students who have given permission for email notifications, other students will receive a letter by post.

Answer the survey for new graduates

Please, answer the survey for New Graduates in Technology. Follow the link to start the survey: Survey for New Graduates in Technology 

With this survey Aalto University School of Chemical Engineering collects feedback about the studies and employment of the new graduates. The survey is carried out in cooperation with Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland - TEK and all Finnish universities of technology. The survey results are widely used to track the employment situation and salaries of recently graduated technology professionals in Finland. In order to develop the study programs and university functions in the future, it is crucial to hear the voice of the students. Thus, we ask you to allocate about 20 minutes to fill out this survey. All responses are confidential, and it will not be possible to recognize an individual respondent from the published materials. Three 200€ gift cards will be drawn 31.1.2019 among all respondents who have given their contact details. Thank you for your cooperation!

Graduation ceremonies of School of Engineering