Aalto has joined forces with Université Grenoble Alpes and Universidade de Lisboa to create a new programme called Master’s Programme in Communications and Data Science (CoDas). If you are graduating as a BSc latest on 31 July 2021, get ready to apply! The application time is open until 16 August 2021. The programme is suitable for students with a background in electrical engineering, computer science, or another applicable degree.

The first year of the programme is spent in Aalto concentrating on basic studies. During the second year, the student will continue their studies with specialization courses and thesis either in Grenoble or Lisbon.

Please find more information about the programme, the partner universities, and the courses in Into.

For application information, please see this Into page. More information about the programme and support for preparing application documents will be provided by the Study Coordinator of the programme, Alli Palojärvi (alli.palojarvi@aalto.fi).