Code: BIZ223

Credits: 120 ECTS

Programme Director: Professor Niina Nurmi

Additional information: IDBM programme website

Learning outcomes

Graduates of the IDBM programme will be able to drive design-oriented innovation and lead development initiatives within global environments.

This includes the ability to:

Degree requirements 120 ECTS

1. Advanced studies 100 ECTS

IDBM Major studies 40 ECTS

JOIN-E7006IDBM Challenge5 crI
MUO-E9009Corporate Entrepreneurship and Design5 crI
ELEC-E9900Networked Partnering and Product Innovation5 crII
26E04350Business Model Design5 crII
JOIN-E7005IDBM Industry Project15 crII-V
26E04903IDBM Capstone: Global Virtual Teamwork *5 crV, II

*The course is recommended to be completed in period V during 1st year of studies or period II during the 2nd year of studies

Specialisation studies 24 ECTS

Compulsory BIZ minor, choose on
Accounting24 ects
Advanced level minor in Economics24 ects
Consumer Research24 ects
Corporate Communication24 ects
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management24 ects
Fashion Management24 ects
Finance24 ects
Information and Service Management24 ects
Management and International Business24 ects
Marketing24 ects
Strategic Marketing24 ects

Master's thesis 36 ECTS


Master’s Thesis

26E99907 1/3 Research plan (10 cr)

26E99908 2/3 Findings (10 cr)

26E99909 3/3 Submitted thesis (10 cr)

30 crI-V
26E99905Master’s Thesis Seminar6 crI, III
26E99903Maturity Test0 crI-V