Available forAll Aalto students
ThemeGlobal business dynamics

Basic information of the minor

Code: BIZ40200

Extent: 24 ECTS

Language: English

Organizing department: Management studies

Teacher in charge: Saija Katila

Administrative contact: Berit Söderholm

Target group: Master’s students

Application procedure: The general application procedure for minors at Aalto University, see application periods and instructions

Degree students at Aalto School of Business do not need to apply for a study right for this minor.

Quotas and restrictions: During the academic year 2019-2020, maximum of 5 students from other Aalto schools can be granted a study right for the minor. Of this quota, 4 places remain for the September application period.

Content and structure of the minor

The minor in Management and International Business develops competences that enable graduates to respond to strategic, organizational, and communication-related challenges in a creative, responsible and interdisciplinary manner. The minor further improves your ability to work and interact with diverse people in various contexts of the global economy. When planning minor studies, please take into consideration that some of the courses may have defined limitations as to course sizes and priorities in participation. Please see course descriptions for further information.

Structure of the minor





Mandatory course 6 ECTS


Introduction to Management and International Business, book exam 1)



1) This course is prerequisite for the elective courses.
 Students with Bachelor of Science Economics and Business Administration in International Business degree or similar, please contact study coordinator for alternative arrangements.

Elective courses 18 ECTS

Specialization areas are suggestions, choose three of the following courses

Human Resource ManagementInternational BusinessStrategy WorkSustainability ManagementOrganizational Communication


Strategic Human Resource Management


II26E00250Doing Business in China 4)6I21E00030Strategy Work6I21E16001Sustainability in Business 9)6I75E15000Investor Relations6

I: 2018-2019

Not offered 2019-2020


Inside Work Cultures, book exam


III, V26E03101International Strategy 5)6I21E01050Management and Strategy Making, book exam6I, III, V21E06050Responsibility Management, book exam6I, II, IV77E18000Organizational Communication6I


Gender and Diversity at Work


IV26E02500Doing Business in Russia6II21E00032Innovation Processes in Transition6II21E10000

How to Change the World: Innovating toward Sustainability 2)

6III77E00200Strategy Communication6II


People Management in Multinational Organizations


IV26E03302Sustainability in International Business 6)6II21E00034Strategy Process6II51E00100

Business Ethics

6IV77E27000Change Management and Communication6II

26E00800Global Marketing Management6III21E00037Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation6III21E11001

Dialogues on Corporate Responsibility in Global Economy 3)


V: 2018-2019

Not offered 2019-2020

77E28000Corporate Responsibility Communication6III

26E03201Perspectives on the Multinational Corporation 5)6III21E00052Data Driven Business6III21E16100Energy and Business Innovation6V77E21000Intercultural Communication6IV

26E05001Global Game Industry 7)6V21E00038"Put Your Head on a Blockchain" - Strategies for Employing Emergent Technologies for Business and Society6IV

21E00029Managing Mergers and Acquisitions6V

2) Prerequisite: 21E16000 Sustainable Business and Consumption OR 21E16001 Sustainability in Business
3) Replaces course 21E11000 Corporate Responsibility in Global Economy
4) Replaces course 26E00200 Rising China - Business and State
5) Replaces course 26E03200 Managing in a Global Context
6) Replaces courses 26E03300 Operating in Different Cultural and Institutional Contexts and 26E03301 Institutions, Partnerships and Responsible Business
7) Replaces course 26E05000 Game Industry: Born Global, Innovative and Digital
8) Replaces course 26E03100 Driving Global Businesses
9) Replaces course 21E16000 Sustainable Business and Consumption

 The following courses can also be included in the elective studies

21E00035Management and Strategy Book Club I3I-V


Management and startegy Book Club II3I-V
26E04350Business Model Design6II

Or courses from the B.Sc. Management specialization area

(in Finnish)