Available for

ARTS students only

ThemeArt and design knowledge building

Basic information of the minor 


Code: ARTS3056

Extent: 15-25 ECTS 

Language: English

Teacher in charge: adjunct professor Maarit Salolainen 


Target group: Aalto ARTS MA students - especially Contemporary Design MA-students and Interior Architecture MA-students, Craft Science students from University of Helsinki (JOO), Interior Architecture BA-students.


Application procedure: 

Common application period through eAge once a year in spring. Instructions for applying

Students from other Finnish universities apply during the JOO application time vie JOOPAS https:// haku.joopas.fi

Student needs to include a portfolio as well as a letter of motivation to the application. In addition the approved personal study plan is required, showing how the minor is fitted in. The plan should be approved by the PSP tutor/professor. The plan should include the list of courses to be included in the minor. Selection criteria are earlier success in studies, motivation and possible earlier experience relating to the minor subject. The portfolio, motivation letter and study plan are to be attached to the application in eAge. 

Additional information on the minor from the professor in charge as well as from the Planning Officer Mari Partanen (mari.2.partanen@aalto.fi). 

Quotas and restrictions: Max. 6 students 

Prerequisites: Please see application procedure and quotas and restrictions. 


Content and structure of the minor

Learning outcomes 

Having completed the minor the students have an understanding of textile practices and textile design processes as well as tools and methods used in textile production technologies. The students are familiar with the properties of different textile fibres and materials. Through experimenting and hands-on assignments, the students have an understanding of artistic-led expression through textiles. 



The content of the minor can be modified based on student’s interest and is to be discussed in the beginning of the minor studies with the teacher responsible of the minor. The courses include lectures, tutoring and hands-on assignments such as designing coordinated sample collections as well as structure and material analysis. 


Structure of the minor 

The content of the minor studies 15-25 credits is subject to discussions with the professor responsible of the minor.


Core courses: 


Student should take at least 3 of the following courses


Tekstiili- ja vaatetusmateriaalien perusteet / only in Finnish (1. study period)


Woven Fabrics Studio (2. study period)



Knits and Knitwear Studio (2. study period)

MUO-E1042 or


Printed Fabrics Studio (2. study period) or

Tekstiili- ja värjäysteknologia / only in Finnish (1.study period)



Texiles for Interiors and Architecture (4. study period)



Elective courses: 


The elective courses deepen the learning content


Woven Fabrics Design (4. study period)


Advanced Knits and Knitwear Workshop (3-5 study periods)



Pintasuunnittelu ja painokangas / only in Finnish


Advanced Printed Fabrics Workshop (4-5 study periods)



Surface Design (3. study period)