Available for

All Aalto students

ThemeArt and design knowledge building

Code: ARTS3089

Extent: 15 or 25 ECTS

Language: English

Teachers in charge: Markku Reunanen, Rasmus Vuori, Matti Niinimäki

Target group: Only masters level students.

Application Procedure

Aalto students: The general application procedure for minors at Aalto University, see Instructions for applying 2018-2020 Application only during spring 2018.

JOOPAS: Students from other Finnish universities apply during the JOOPAS application time in April 1-30 via https://haku.joopas.fi.

Needed attachments

Transcript of records and a motivation letter. In the letter the applicant describes his/her background and experience relating to the minor subject, and indicates his/her learning objectives. We expect the student to have good basic ICT skills and some first-hand experience with digital media, acquired either through previous studies, hobby or work.

Selection criteria:

1. educational background

2. work experience or other experience

3. feasible study plan

Quotas and restrictions: 3–5 students.

Prerequisites: see above.

Content and Structure of the Minor

Learning Outcomes

The students get diverse perspectives to contemporary new media and understand how and why it came to be. They learn the basics of new media design, creative programming, interactivity and media art, both in theory and practice.


New media permeates almost all aspects of today’s life and, therefore, the minor can effectively supplement many other studies. The minor is aimed for students who wish to develop their skills on various new media related topics and get a glimpse of how things work under the hood. Instead of focusing on technology itself, our goal is to apply it to creative, experimental and human-centered purposes. Hardcore technical skills required: no. A curious mind: yes.

Structure of the Minor

The minor comes in two sizes: 15 or 25 ECTS. There are certain obligatory courses that are complemented by optional ones, based on the needs and interests of the student. 

The compulsory courses are:

DOM-E5123Designerly Approaches to Social Media3
DOM-E5111Interaction Design Course3-5
DOM-E5024Introduction to Media Art and Culture3
DOM-E5041New Media Exam1
Student also chooses one of these two:

DOM-E5032Software Studies for Media Designers3-5
DOM-E5060Software Studies: Programming for Artists3-5
The remaining credits can be chosen from the following list:

DOM-E50253D User Interface Design3-5
DOM-E5124Alive Dead Media3
DOM-E5125Embodied interaction3-5
DOM-E5074Composing with Data Flow Programming3-5
DOM-E5122Contemporary Web Development3
DOM-E5128Digital Fabrication Studio3-5
DOM-E5108From Data to Pixels3
DOM-E5088Game Design Basics Workshop3
DOM-E5038Generative and Interactive Narratives3
DOM-E5106Generative Media Coding3
DOM-E5112Interaction Design Workshop3
DOM-E5004Interactive Art3-5
DOM-E5015Internet Technologies and Techniques3-5
DOM-E5056Multitouch Interaction3
DOM-E5043Physical Interaction Design3-5
DOM-E5003Systems of Representation3-6