Aalto Wellbeing Week is an annual wellbeing event for all Aalto people. Enjoy many happenings of the week! 

Examples on what’s up there for you:

💛 Andas Life app

💛 Still free places for online sports events with programs on Monday! Body composition measurements & open doors in UniSport

💛 Keynote of Happiness Researcher Emma Seppälä "The Science of Emotional Intelligence, Resilience & Happiness" on Wed 3.11.

💛 Lectures and workshops about sleep & recovery & self-compassion & happiness

💛 Visit to EMMA, Museum of Modern Art in Espoo - still few free places to visit Museum!

Look for more information and register here! (> Aalto.fi, please remember to log in to see all the events)

Aalto Wellbeing Week on vuosittainen hyvinvointitapahtuma kaikille aaltolaisille! Viikon aikana on tarjolla paljon erilaisia tapahtumia hyvinvointisi tueksi.

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