Do you think entrepreneurship is all hand-waving and dreaming of a quick exit? Or is it just pitching brilliantly insane or insanely brilliant ideas to rich investors? Whatever you think entrepreneurship is, the odds are it’s actually much more. We at Aalto Ventures Program certainly think it can be a lot of things. 💭💭

To us, being an entrepreneur is finding solutions where others see problems, going boldly where no-one has gone before and taking ownership of one’s own work. If you’re like this, we salute you, an entrepreneur. ✅ If you’d like to be more like this, we can help.

Join our courses in the third period to broaden your sense of entrepreneurship and learn about startups, routines and philosophy! 👇 Our courses are open to Aalto students from all schools.

Startup Experience (9 ECTS, TU-E4100, III-V)

Register now to learn what you need for conquering the cliffs of the startup landscape. Experience what it’s like to found and run a startup, without actually having to set up a company. If you’re looking for textbook education, try Google – here you’ll get your hands dirty. After the course, you will be better prepared to navigate the fast-paced and unpredictable commercial environment, or even become a founder yourself. Read more here.

Good Life Engine (3 ECTS, TU-CV0009, III-IV)

Good Life Engine is a unique routine and time management course that creates a framework for personal growth. Learn how to build a routine activity, how to maintain, iterate and develop it, and in the long-run apply the methods and know-how to bigger goals and aspects in life. In addition, the course addresses global trends of wellbeing, life design and self-development, helping students to build stamina to cope with both successes and failures of life. Read more here.

Startup Philosophy (6 ECTS, TU-EV00010, III-IV)

Off the bat, startups and philosophy seem like oil and water. However, anyone really hoping to succeed as an entrepreneur needs also to learn to change frames of thinking, evaluate evidence critically and argue their position powerfully — all central philosophical skills. Learn about key philosophical ideas and how to make use of them in the practice at Startup Philosophy! Read more here.

Starting Up online course (2 ECTS, TU-C2090, anytime)

Earn 2 credits on entrepreneurship by studying on your phone anywhere, anytime! To make sure no great idea goes unpursued, we bring you Starting Up. This introductory level online course provides basic tools for anyone who wants to build a startup around a problem they’d like to solve, introduce a new product or service in their company, or understand and be able to better discuss new ventures. Read more here.

If you have an idea you want to take further outside the courses and on your own schedule, check out our Impact Studio! The Studio offers support, mentoring and a network for early-stage entrepreneurs looking to make the world a better place. Read more about it here.

Aalto Ventures Program is the entrepreneurship education program at Aalto University. We strive for sustainability through entrepreneurship. Learn how to think like an entrepreneur at our courses, minor or open events. Get to know us at and follow us on social media @aaltoventuresprogram.