Description of the programme

At the heart of the Master’s Programme in Management and International Business (MIB) is a practically grounded and research-based understanding of management and international business. The MIB Programme gives you current management and leadership skills combined with a holistic understanding of business that enable you to tackle the challenges posed by the rapidly changing digitalized environment. We offer you an international and interactive study environment where you can develop yourself into a highly capable professional with widely applicable knowledge. In our challenge-based courses, we work closely with diverse organizations and business people offering you the latest insights as well as live cases to solve.

The Master’s Programme in Management and International Business is a flexible programme that gives you the opportunity to create a unique professional profile based on your interests. You can tailor your own course portfolio or select from the suggested specialization paths:

  • Human Resource Management
  • International Business
  • Organizational Communication
  • Strategy Work
  • Sustainability Management

In addition to the specialization options in the MIB Master’s programme, the multi-disciplinarity of Aalto University allows you to add to your unique professional profile by choosing an interesting minor among the various subjects in Aalto University, or abroad.

Employment opportunities

As a graduate of the Master’s Programme in MIB, you will have broad career prospects in the culturally diverse and competitive global labour market. Our graduates often take up entry-level positions in consultancy, human resources, and management and communications, and choose inspiring paths to top positions, such as director, country manager, project leader or entrepreneur. Hybrid careers are becoming increasingly common and the programme encourages dynamic career choices.

Here you can find the degree requirements of the programme, and the necessary information about completing the degree and its contents. These pages are mainly aimed at the students of the programme. If you are thinking about applying to the programme please see How to apply.