A Master student matching both conditions listed below

can apply for the ELEC graduation reward. 

The graduation reward is 5000 euros. 

The decision on graduation reward is made by Dean, School of Electrical Engineering.

In case of a positive decision the applicant is required to submit the tax card and the personal data form.

The reward is a non-recurrring event and can be applied only from 1st August 2018 to 10th December 2018. 

Eligibility of applicant

However, an applicant who has received thesis work support in excess of 4999,99 euros during the period of 1st January - 31st December 2018 from salary, grants, stipends or any combination of these,  is deemed as financially supported and thus not eligible.

For more information, contact (after 14th August) Head of Academic Affairs  ELEC, Dr. Perttu Puskafirstname.lastname@aalto.fi  

Please note that you may apply only if you have graduated or when you graduate.